Query of a worried potential officer

Hi there, had posted this in another thread but decided i may get more attention as a stand alone thread.

i have spoken to someone who claims to be an AFCO ... and more or less he is claiming that someone who is 23... should have a degree before applying. The general outlook from this guy is that even if i get 180 ucas points, and with my previous experience the chances i will get in as YO are incredibly slim. In his opinion the 180 ucas points should have been attained 5 years ago.. this doesn't set me apart as an academic achiever?.. i would have thought there were people applying who have done a lot less in there lives since school than myself. I did manage to get student of the year for the HNC i did instead at college, and due to the Ucas tarriff i need to go back to college to gain 180 ucas points.

What is the reality of the situation, i realise that they can afford to be very picky, but i wouldn't have thought i was a terrible candidate. Surely ifyou meet the minimum standards... but appear to be a fantastic potential officer at AOSB then your chances are as good as any.

Feeling like signing up to get those 180 ucas points has been a major waste of time if there is absolutely no chance of me getting in whether i meet the minimum requirements or not.

Any advice on the situation people, i really fancy giving officer a shot.. i mean im serious enough to take a year out of my working life at 23 just so i can meet the requirements for officer... i am pretty serious...... or is it a no hoper and worthwhile packing up my old kit bag and heading the soldier route???

As i say any advice hugely appreciated.

Yeah there was a ton of great information there, however the question i was trying to convey is " Is it really worth taking a year to get qualified and apply"

As the information i have received elsewhere suggests its a no hoper anyway really.

As i feel i am slightly disheartened by the information i have recently received.


i have spoken to someone who claims to be an AFCO
I would suggest that the best thing to do would be to speak to someone who is definitely an AFCO. Phone up your nearest office and book an appointment.
"Is it really worth taking a year to get qualified and apply?" . Just how much do you want it? If unsuccessful at Westbury, how can the additional qualification be a handicap in your future? You choose. If you're really uncertain over this sort of thing ..................
Talk to an AFCO, they will advise you of the party line and they will also judge your case on its merits. Don't rely on the word of an internet forum.
Your post is unclear. Here's what I think - you need a minimum of A-levels (or equivalent) to go to RMAS. That is the case if you're 18 or 29 (max age limit?).

If you don't have a-levels or equivalent, then how do they know you are educated to the required level - is this the 180 UCAS points, or is that the equivalent level for a degree?

Also, if you are older than the average entrant (grad - 21?) then as long as you can show you have done something with your life since you left full time education, you should be a suitable candidate. It you're 23 but have spent 5 years on your sofa drawing the dole then you probably shouldn't apply.
Big deal - that means more people are graduating and then doing something else with their time. Same point applies - going to Sandhurst as a 24 year old non-grad, you would want to show you have spent a productive 8+ years between leaving school or college (assuming you did a-levels or equivalent) and then deciding to "do" RMAS.