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Query - Immediate responce.

There was a chap, who was a fullscrew training groundies (Sigs and groundcrew) circa 88-89, ended up going aircrew, posted straight to NI (92-92) then heard he'd transferred to the crabs shortly after as a Puma driver.

There is a photo on page 156 of Immediate response that looks like a more weather beaten version of 'MD' and the nickname would seem to confirm my suspicions.

Can anyone verify this is him por favor, and pass on the message that he looks like Yoda, the wrinkly old **** :D
He must be the oldest bloke in the fleet.

His nickname in the OPs room was 'check ride' times and his flying have obviously changed for the better.

Nice bloke, considering we were training scum back then.
It was MD, I met him again in Sept for a top table at Shawbury he's now a civvy doing well for himself in the Rotary world. He was crewed up with Mark Hammond who couldn't say enough good things about him when they were deployed. An all round Bon eouf..

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