Query about Assault Vest

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by andb, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. I bought an assault vest from my local surplus shop today. They sold it as an issue vest but I'm not 100% convinced. It has the draw string closures, two mag pouches with dividers etc and CN 8405-99-527-1800 on the label which ties up with the issue numbers but the label is shiny and not the usual dull appearance. It also has a velcro pocket made from mesh in the lower back.

    Does this sound like genuine issue or has the shop sold me a fake? Also if deemed to be genuine, a few have suggested that it may not take the A2 mags...is this true?
  2. Who's it made by? What company did you buy it from? How much? Do you have a picky to post?
  3. Thats the thing, it doesn't have a manufacturer written anywhere on it. Don't really want to name the company just in case I'm wrong (don't think it would be fair to them). I'll try to sort a pic. Cost £80
  4. andb, where did you buy the vest?

  5. Name the company/manufacturer, if they are any good we'll say so - if they're shiite then they deserve all they get!
  6. Photos:




    Got it from Salisbury Surplus
  7. It's gen mate. I think, unless someone corrects me, its the old one.

    Proffed one through a mate a while back and he got me it through the system, exactly the same.
  8. Agreed, it looks like gen issue. Looks like the same one i got issued in Iraq.
  9. Can anyone confirm it will take the A2 mags, I read somewhere there was an issue vest that had problems with this.
  10. Er yep it will, its a fcuking drama getting them in and out of the pouches though.
  11. If you wnt the A2 mag to fit you will have to cut the divider out of the ammo pouches.

  12. Thanks for all the advice, I've taken it back and they gave me a refund no probs. I don't want to be mucking around cutting the dividers out etc. Anyone got any recommendations as to which one i should get?
  13. Top tip, why don't you wait till you get to the sandy place and are issued with the new assault vest which is compatable with Osprey? and you save a tidy sum.
  14. Got issued it. Tried it once. Swapped it for a sleeping bag.