Quentin Davis - Prat?

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Achilles_Toe said:
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Indeed. However to answer your question:


His wiki entry is entertaining

June 2007

"I am looking forward to joining another party...which has just acquired a leader I have always greatly admired, who I believe is entirely straightforward, and who has a towering record, and a clear vision for the future of our country which I fully share."

Ah yes, that would be the leader with a towering record he always greatly admired who two years beforehand he claimed was:

"extraordinarily incompetent"
"extraordinarily naïve"

" ...trust and believe that something nasty will happen to the Chancellor in electoral terms before too long. He will have no one but himself to blame"

Nice post Blogg, it will be very entertaining if there is a free vote, Labour MPs probably hate the guy as much as the Tories and Special Forces.
He is more unpopular with his constituents than with his Labour Party brothers, he will not be an MP for much longer, the dole queue beckons for this waste of skin
already done several times.

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