Quelle surprise...

"A tragic and regrettable accident"........Just like when they roll in and
strafe our people and vehicles....shame,hey?


Mr Happy

Though to be honest, journalists using camera's and bino's in an open warfare encironment have to share some of the blame for being bloody stupid. You know in a peace keeping role you can't open up on someone for using binoculars but in open warfare what I was brought up to call NATO rules you also know perfectly well that it's just not the Brit bino's that have graticules in for directing indirect fire and that is the way it is.

From 1 - 2 miles away even with X? sight I might well have popped a spare shell off against anyone taking an interest in me.

Should have been in the basement.

I wouldn't lump this whitewash in with the USAF/NG's continual opening up on allied armour.

Did we ever get to find what happende when the Tornado that got splashed by the Patriot?
I have been very critical in other posts regarding the US mindset towards the application of ROE. However, I tend to agree with Mr H on this one.

The journos had been warned to get out of Dodge before the war. Then, at the height of the 'Battle of Baghdad' with US tanks getting fired at, I would suggest that it is highly inadvisable to be standing on a balcony with a large black cylindrical object on one's shoulder pointing at said tanks. These journos are happy enough to get paid $hit loads of dosh for working in a warzone. They need to recognize the risks also. As Mr H says, it is most certainly not in the same league as other well known Spam ROE cock ups such as the USS Vincennes, Iraqi Blackhawks, Afghan F-16 or 2 x Patriot kills during GW2.

As far as the RAF Tornado incident goes, the board is still out on that, so it is probably best not discussed on an open forum. Suffice to say that the opinion of us Brit AWACS types (and most other US, Brit and Aussie aircrew in the conflict) regarding the Patriot operators during GW2 was not high. From my knowledge of the incident, the Patriot team was completely wrong to engage the Tornado. Overall, throughout the conflict, all aircrew were far more worried about the Patriots than they were about anything that the Iraqi's were launching.


Mr Happy


You are a fine judge of character and a discerning individual. Anyone would be proud to be associated with you.

Mr H

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