Quelle surprise! Lies at the Iraq Inquiry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. This charade was bound to be a farce from the moment of it's inception. A class cover up act, I'll be bound. However, the Beeb are reporting that a father of a dead soldier claims that lies were told:

    Another report says that the thing will drag on, Bloody Sunday-like until 2011 - My guess is that Brown has told it to drag on until 2011 to ensure nothing too nasty pops out of the cupboard whilst he starts his forlorn election campaign:
  2. Some mother of a soldier killed has just said she wants Bliar called to account and tried for lies and having an 'agenda' with Bush! I forget the legal jargon - but that lady is spot on!
  3. B'Liar lied and good men died.
  4. Do you think doing that adds anything to what you write?I bet you do "Neu Labour" too :roll:
  5. I think that it says it all!
  6. Tony Blair must be shating himself when he is called to account for his actions over this matter!! ....... And he has not got "wide boy" Bush to hide behind anymore, nevermind, i am sure that his other half is teaching him every thing she knows to get him off the hook. ---- O`how the mighty fall. ------------------ Send him down for 45 years, one year for every one of those liying mins that he conned us into.

  7. Do you kiss your photo of Phoney Tony before you go to sleep at night?
  8. Don't get me wrong, I think his actions were dispicable and scheming, and he needs to be held to account.

    However some not so subtle nods towards Nazi Germany add absolutley nothing, and don't make you look clever.
  9. Teflon Tony will say Carol Caplin and her crystals got the WMD bit wrong, and Cheri said she was good !

  10. And your point is what exactly? That I shouldn't say nasty things about Liebor and their lying scumbag of a leader?
  11. This isn't just something that is to be observed, it can be participated in as well. TELIC veterans should consider getting in touch if they have any issues from the war. It's probably the only chance there ever will be and now is the chance to influence the scope of the inquiry so it takes the fullest view possible.

    A lot of people deserve answers, even after all these years, and it won't go away. Blair is in for a rough time and there is nothing he can hide behind now.

  12. A fair point, they act more like Zanu PF than the actual Nazis who at least made the trains run on time.
  13. Not at all, there are just many nasty things you could say that are true, as opposed to clinging to something that stopped being even faintly amusing 6 months ago.
  14. Still makes me giggle.
  15. Still think its apt.