Queer bashing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Muttley, Mar 20, 2005.

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  1. Thought you might enjoy this game everyone....

    Queer bashing
  2. I just got teamed by a whole bunch of naked Frenchmen on level five
  3. Lord Flasheart wrote
  4. AWOL, your right, some of the games are brilliant.
  5. How a shoot-em-up game with a bit of realism?

    From today's ToryGraph

  6. Damn! I was doing so well; moving tactically. keeping my arcs covered etc. I brought down the first buffty, patrolled forward, brought down one coming from the left with a snap-shot, span round and dropped the third Ginger Beer as he lunged out of the undergrowth, moved forward into the next clearing and another one erupted out of the rough- swung smoothly around and raised my weapon- and heard "Deadman's click" 8O 8O I now have a hoop like a stamped-upon blood orange...... :cry:
  7. i ran out of ammo.. wasnt firing live or blank rounds
  8. Dying isn't pretty. I am now officially scared of bushes
  9. Primey sez:

    G.W. , Barbra, Jenna or Dubbya?

  10. Sounds like a normal weekend for you MDN
  11. and for Muttley also, it would seem :wink: