Queens Warrant

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Taff71, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. Having completed my service in the mid 90s......... no this is nothing to do with a heatwave before all the smart arrsers start.

    My question is that I never did get my Queens Warrant on promotion to WO2. Can I request it a this late stage.

    Possibly a bit late..... but maybe its something I feel I am entitled to.

    Thanks in anticipation for some useful advice.
  2. PM Sent.

    These lot are too busy laughing at me for being old so won't post on here.
  3. Their turn will come.................... as it does to us all. Thx for pm have replied.
  4. Taff71,

    I woudn't bother if I was you. You are going to be very disappointed when you receive a postal tube with a rolled up, photocopied piece of paper, rubber stamped with the signature of the Defence Secretary on it, which they pass off as a Warrant Officers Warrant of Appointment. :D
  5. This has come up before:

    RLC Thread on Warrants...

    Possibly The Snail - or someone with the The Snail's knowledge (just in this area :) ) could detail here what the process for Warrants being issued in the first place and how they should be obtained after service?
  6. I commissioned nearly four years ago but no sign of my bit of paper. I asked Glasgow, they said ask your unit, they couldn't have been less interested and said ask Glasgow. Do I just give up?
  7. Are you still in, or left? If still in then you need to have a chat with your RAO and get him/her to speak to Glasgow. Not an expert, and I think it took me 4 or 5 years before my underwhelming photocopy arrived.
  8. Still in, I was posted in November but still not had an assignment order-must have really annoyed someone in Glasgow. Now, which RAO do I choose, the one in my JPA hierachy type thingummy or the one at my new job? Decisions decisions.
  9. Nice dilemma. Whichever one has got an Adjt/RAO who is a human being who will take your phone call and then do something about it. I know this might be stretching things but this is a relatively simple task for someone to crack on and do; however, I am sure that there will be a lot of teeth sucking before anything gets done.