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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sockets, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. I have been serving for 7 years now and on many occasions I have heard that if you end your career at 22 years as a private then you recieve an RSM pension. Is this true or just an army urban legend?
  2. Total Bollox !!!
  3. Is it possible to do 22 as a private/Tpr?
  4. Do 22 as a Tpr and find out, simple!!!
  5. I only did nine years and I now receive an RSMs pension. Err, not from

    the Arrmy though :wink:

    Hogspawn, during my basic training there were two soldiers on the camp,

    still serving as Private soldiers, both of whom were World War 1

    veterans. One had a job in the QMs store, the other in the Officers Mess.

    In those days there would have been many others tucked away in camps

    throughout Britain. So that is at least forty years service in the ranks.

    Those guys were happy to be in an environment that they loved, a roof

    over their heads and a couple of quid in the pocket,

    Those jobs would be done by civvys now. Pity.
  6. 7 Years and you have to ask if its real or not. You will have no problem following Airfixs advice on doing 22 and finding out because its highly unlikly you are ever going to get above pte rank asking bone questions like that.
  7. do they still do a review at 12 years? I know a few Sappers who were SNLR at the 12 mark and out they went, not sure in today's climate if it still happens.

    as for the pension, dream on, why would they give a 22 year Private an RSM's Pension??
  8. Wahhhhhhh
  9. Have you also been asked to find a Glass Hammer and Tartan Paint as well today???? :? :?
  10. Naaaaah, he was busy getting the keys to the indoor granade range and a long stand from the QM!
  11. True true :lol: :lol:
  12. For your information I am a Lance Jack and just because I asked a question that may appear to be stupid does not mean I AM. I had heard several people talking about this subject and no one had any information so I thought I would post the question on here. So all of the above who think I am a thick and useless soldier, go fudge yourselves.
  13. Oh I see, so to try to get an answer to a stupid question you came up with at NAAFI break you thought you'd ask a load of anonymous piss takers on the internet?

    You're right, you don't look stupid at all now.
  14. Well cheers for turning up and contributing anything else we can help you with
  15. Oooooooohh get her.Did you get out of your pit on the wrong side today?