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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, May 25, 2010.

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  1. John Cridland, CBI deputy director-general, was effusive.

    “The coalition is right to put deficit reduction and securing economic growth at the heart of its first Queen's Speech.

    “The programme that has been set out is ambitious and far-reaching with a clear sense of renewal. Businesses recognise their responsibilities and look forward to playing their part.”


    One thing that I've noticed during the commons debate is how glum looking labour MP's look during HH debates & pretty smug looking almost smiling george Osbourne is during her statements,

    Anyone else consider labour have been rather quiet (apart from their challenge for a new leader) as of late since the new coalition took office?
  2. It was the look on her face as she waited for the MPs that got me. I could imagine her thinking "How dare you rabble sully the history of my reign with your mistakes. As soon as the doors close behind you your heads are coming off. That ought to fix it."
  3. I enjoyed the image of the maces being transported back to the tower of London in a Horse Drawn Carriage with the maces stuck out the windows
  4. My judgement: brilliant! If I may, bloody brilliant! How do I know this? Simply because I was able to observe the ashen, sulky, dough-like and generally repellent faces of the defeated Labour MPs.

    'We all agree with cutting waste' - thus quoth the appalling Harman woman - if so, why for thirteen years did her dysfunctional mob of dogma driven third raters not do so?

    The best 'Queen's Speech' I've heard in years and years.

    Well done the Coalition and above all:

    God Save The Queen
  5. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    The ability of Harman to divorce herself from reality is incredible. Droning on about supporting fairness and so on - it would have been priceless if someone on the, ahem, ruling side of the house had stood up when she'd finished and said something to the effect of, 'It's a shame you didn't do any of that while sat over here.'

    And in terms of offering any form of support, it seems she still hasn't grasped that she's in the minority in the house these days.
  6. Err, wasn't there at least one Labour MP missing? In fact, he hasn't set foot in Parliament since before the election. Do you think he retains the impression of power by refusing to move his stuff out of Downing Street?
  7. Isn't it a 3-line whip? Off with his head!
  8. Agree'd old GB is keeping rather a low profile while HH spurts out the usual labour trash to attempt to defend NL, whats the odds of NL rebranding itself yet again around about the announcement of their new leader :roll:

    Listening to Baroness Jay earlier today just summed up labour in a nutshell, utterly pathetic of her to refer to David Steele's reforms of being kicked into the grass, shame NL did'nt bother making changes during their time in office then?
  9. Aunty Betty didn't look very happy. I vote she takes charge
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Businesses like BA? Or businesses like the Civil service, about to go into trench warfare over swinging cuts to staffing and perks? Maybe businesses currently popping the Moet over the biggest extension of PPF since Pa Broon had the idea? Businesses facing a £900m cut in basic Government support? Businesses kissing goodbye to the RDA's? Businesses facing a hike in NI contributions, even though the ConDem Muppets said they would scrap it? Businesses looking forward to passing on a 2.5% VAT increase to their punters, most of which they will have to absorb?

    Or is it the CBI giving a hand job to their Eton masters? Time will tell.
  11. I have been sending daily(almost) emails to Liarbour HQ asking if/when cyclops is actually going to start earning his money by putting in an appearance at his place of employment..so far no reply..How could one make his life unpleasant by mounting a campaign to bring this to the nation..??..serious question..he's a workshy 'cnut'..
  12. I don't think he's workshy. He allegedly starts work before 0600 (hence almost getting himself shot when armed police guarding Downing Street encountered "some bloke wandering around in the dark and trying to get in to the PM's office in the middle of the night").

    He just can't face the reality of what has happened to him. Former Prime Ministers are brought down to earth with a thump, particularly if they choose to remain on the back benches rather than resigning immediately. Maggie discovered this when she found that the locks on the door to the PM's office were changed within minutes of John Major winning the leadership election.

    Those who stayed up on election night will have seen Gordon travelling from his constituency down to London on a government chartered Boeing 737 airliner that was met by the PM's Jaguar on the tarmac at Heathrow. Not even time for a stop at the £250 per visit 'special' VIP lounge that the government maintains at Heathrow for ministers and their friends.

    Following the changes in the expenses rules, Gordon's next, taxpayer funded trip to London will be in a second class train carriage or shoehorned onto an EasyJet flight alongside the great unwashed.

    Never mind, it'll give him plenty of time to deal with all those letters from constituents about blocked toilets that the council wont fix and disputes about incapacity benefit. No flunkies to do that for him any more.

    I wonder how long he'll last before he fecks off.
  13. A_M. He will stand down after the leadership election, ex PM's don't make good backbenchers.
    £10 to H4H if he doesn't.

  14. did anyone catch the committment to raise foreign aid bit in there too? it's not like we're broke or anything.
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    They've got to keep the Libs happy somehow, what with keeping Trident :)