Queens Speech, Multi-culture shoite!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Letterwritingman, Jan 11, 2005.

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  1. This explains the Bollox as it is

    Oh, Telegraph............today!

  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    We didn't enslave anyone. It was some people that lived here a few hundered years ago and has nothing whatsover to do with us. Feckers! :roll:
  3. Your right in pointing out the fact some several hundred years before us.......in fact maybe a millenia or two. Um anyone want a pyramid built at a knockdown price?
  4. As for down under........feck mate what did your family do and is it still illegal enough?
  5. Multiculturalism is to society what arsenic is to the body - a slow acting & lethal poison.
    Plus it's all bollocks invented by Socialist "holier than thou" types.
    Give me my bloody Country back you tossers :evil:
  6. Fecking socialists, apologising for the sins of our fathers, however I would like to know where MIss Aitkenhead comes from?

    What are her qaulifications to state such drivel?

    Finally if she loves the West-Indies so much, feck off there then :evil:
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I blame (as I often do) that Bliar. He rejects any concept of History, and that History has any relevance to our present day world. Hence, the bright idea of his (and I suppose TCH) of trying to send Gurkhas from Brunei to help the Indonesians....

    When William Hague (who, whatever else he is, isn't stupid) was at a Commonwealth meeting with Bliar some years back, TB said he would apologise for the past. "Exactly what are you apologising for?" asked Hague. "Well, the empire, you know, everything" replied Bliar.

    He's a politician, and a Lawyer, and a Scot. What a combination - yet we are ruled by loads of them. Truly, a people get the government that it deserves.

    Editied - link to the Gaurdiaiain piece by Ms Aitkenhead:

  8. Slavery would not have worked if the Africans were not willing to sell their fellow Africans into it.

    By extension, Guardian logic would have it that Jamaican (African) women would hate heterosexual sex. Surely they were raped by the plantation owners too.

    European women (especially young and good looking) visiting Jamaica and other Caribbean islands are hounded by African men. 'Hey pretty lady, let me show you how a Caribbean man make lurve'. That’ll be from the plantation owner’s missus giving out for Kunta Kinte. Hundreds of years later it has made Caribbean men sex pests and 'molesters' of white female tourists. The fault of the European.

    Guardian readers and journos. Fcukwits.
  9. classic article which will be saved and brought out every time i meet and appologist lefty! :D :D :D

    as for it being our fault that jamaican men hate benders, p1sh!

    why is that so inherently wrong? The catholic church disaprove of homsexuality, as do the islamic teachings! why not blame that on us aswell. Can they not just face it that some sections of the world have a natural aversion to homosexuality (and that these are normally quite religious)

    agent smith
  10. The Catholic Church does get (wrongly) blamed for dissaporoving of homosexuality (which it doesn't per se as it sees it as no different from any form of "fornication" i.e. sex outside of marriage). When the Catecism of the Catholic Church was launched about 10 years ago Stonewall invaded Westminster Cathedral during a service and desecrated the cathedral, as well as shouting anti-Catholic slogans, and throwing vile and abusive insults at Cardinal Hume.

    Could you get away with doing that in a mosque and to an Immam? Not without fiding yourself infront of a beak for a "hate crime". The interesting thing is that what Stonewall did fits perfectly the description of a hate crime, but did Plod treat it as such? I'll leave you to come to your own conclusions as to why they didn't.
  11. cos there all secretly dykes dressed up as men? :D

    agent smith