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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by tartanterrier39, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. A quick one really.

    Are recruits still paid a small amount of cash (Queens Shilling) when they enlist at the Careers Office as i did and lot's of other soldiers i know did?

    Or am i just so old and out of touch with modern day reality lol?

    A recruit just recently enlistsed and took the oath of allegience. I asked the said person if they got their money and to my astonishment they didn't have a clue what i was referring to. Call me Mr suspicious but i said i would check up on their behalf.

    Any takers?
  2. At present no cash incentive if offered to new entrants, although there is talk of a coin or token of some sort being offered for future entrants.
    A momento rather than a beer token.
  3. All i got was my train fare to redford barracks for initial selection, then a swift boot *********** and a bus / train ticket to Winchester ATR. That was 11 years ago.

    They must get something these days as that is what the Army is about now either getting people in or to stay in.
  4. I got 1/2 a recruits daily pay when I signed in 95.
  5. Well I wouldn't complain if I recieved some funds ;)
  6. Signed up in '85, quite sure that I got a days pay (about £7.00) and fares.
  7. This question was answered by a recruiter on another thread a couple of weeks ago. The symbolic day's pay a recruit once received on attestation is now long gone. Also long gone is the small soldier's bible that he received on attestation that he carried with him throughout his service (if inclined).

    They were both victims of cost-cutting and penny-pinching by foresnsic accountants.
  8. It was three quid when I joined up (70's). A days pay, we were told, like the shilling of old. Invested in the pub next door to the Recruiting Office. It's a shame to hear of another old tradition being murdered by the accountants.
  9. Sorry i didn't pick up on that previous thread.

    Thanks for your comments all the same.

  10. Guilty ma Honour

    Ok I said most of that but as a loyal servant :roll: to the governent I never said penny-pinching honest gov. :D . Wait till I get my pension first before my memoirs and comments are released.

    As said we dont give any days pay on attestation anymore, they get their Oath of Allegiance, cup of tea, coffee and biscuit when they get a nice Recruiter. They dont get a bible anymore and the only money is BFH (bus fare home) and a one way ticket for the ATR fo the day they travel down.
  11. back in 1990 if memory is correct i had my train ticket to aldershot and £7.50.
  12. 1974 i got the days pay the freakin bible and bus fare, none of it worth a w*nk
  14. The bible is still given out, but at the ATR not the recruitment office. Soldiers are offered a copy enscribed with their name in their first values and standards lecture. Few actually order one. I didn't and wish I had.
  15. 1989 - £12.50 and a one way rail warrant to Catterick. The recruiting office where I enlisted is long gone as well.