Queens Royal Reigment Of England?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ozwick, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. I've just heard from another lad who's starting phase 1 the same date as me that the MOD's planning to amalgamate the Queen's Div. regiments into a new, huge regiment like the rifles.

    I was wondering how true this is and if anyone has any more information?
  2. Totally untrue.

    They're just going to scap them. Now say out loud infront of the mirror 100 times, 'You want fries with that?'
  3. If this was the case I doubt Recruit Snotgrass would be the first to hear about it!
  4. And they're gonna call it the "Queen's Royal Reigment"? Is that to encourage recruitment among the dyslectics?:)

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  5. The Princess of Wales's Royal Anglian Fusiliers if you don't mind .
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  6. Sheepshagging Angleironed Budgies?
  7. As said above i doubt a new basic recruit would find out before any personel in any of them said regiments. Also the Royal Anglians were only amalgamated in the 60's so doubt they will be again any time soon.
  8. Your logic doesn't stack up. RGBW amalgamated twice in about 12 years.
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  9. I could tell you,however Operational Security prevents me from doing so.
  10. So were the Devon and Dorsets, Light Infantry and the Royal Green Jackets. This failed to stop them ending up as The Rifles ;-)

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  11. Queens - created from an amalgamation of home counties regts in the 60's. PWRR - Queens and Hampshires 90's. Your logic is flawed.
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  12. Thanks for the heads up i did not no stated regiments above were amalgamated with so few years apart form each other so in this case it was ignoreance. I do hope that they dont amalgamate the queens as i think it works well now or am i just being ignoreant again. sam
  13. I think everyone is braced for a cut. If they aren't, they should be.

    I would not be at all surprised to see the formation of 'Large' Regiments - a mere re-invention of the wheel. The Queen's Division, already wearing a 'Divisional' woolly-pully, may well become a single regiment in the image of the Rifles: 5 regular battalions and sundry part-timers tagged on the end. What it will be called is anyone's guess. I think, but hope not, that it may end up being the Queen's Royal Fusiliers.

    The end is nigh......
  14. yeah that's what we told ourselves when we were Green Jackets too.

    now with draw down of Germany - expect 5RIFLES to become a fond memory.
  15. The Rifles got it right, they formed up straight away and have reaped the benefits.

    The Scots have sort of got it right, but they were never happy with it.

    Everyone else is likely to get forced in to Divisional based Regiments shortly. One huge bit of pain to start with (possibly including loss of bns), but after that it is quite easy to trim down the excess battalions without too much furore.

    5 Rifles may go, but remember we still have teh wildcard Royal Irish Regiment sat on its tod. A hangover from when it was the largest Regiment in the British Army, and formed its own Div (less than 10 years ago to be exact). They may slide in to the Rifles (they have the heritage) or possibly follow their Fusilier heritage... or maybe just join the Scots...