queens royal lancers

Discussion in 'RAC' started by saltman147, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. hi, following my other topic a few weeks back, i have setlled on QRL as what i want to do. but a few questions, where do most of the lads come from, im from south would that be ok, and does afc harrogate recruit for the queens royal lancers?
    thanks george.
  2. There isnt a problem joining the QRL, no matter where from, Nor will there be a problem about what you want to join. :wink: Good choice though.
  3. I spent 17 years in the 17/21 and loved every minute of it and I am Welsh. See also QRL.COM and ITROOPLANCERS to contact members and former members of 16/5. 17/21 Lancers. Most of the boys come from the Staffs, Notts Area but you can't hold that against them ,some of them can almost read
  4. thanks for the quick replys lads, one more question, how much ceremonial stuff do you do, i wouldnt mind a bit but wouldnt like loads of it, thanks, george.
  5. Not a lot I never did any of that crap, they are recce not guards
  6. Boot troop Bsqn El Adam Lybia 1969

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  7. Not a lot, One Squadron has done Buck House, but well dont think another trip there is on the cards for a while.
  8. great cheers.
    now just got to find out if afc harogate recuits qrl :)
    cheers again for the quick replys.
  9. Don.t ask tell, you can join any unit YOU want just tell them your uncle Jim served with them
  10. I'm hoping to join the QRL as soon as I can, In response to the question about recruiting areas, I'm in Northants, would it be difficult to get into the QRL or would I get pressured into the 9/12L? I was told to say that my grandad was 16/5, apparently it works a charm.

    I'm currently TA but my civvy job has gone all pete tong so I'm trying to go Regular, but all the paperwork is complicating things. I have settled on the QRL as I have a mate in the Regt, and so far I have heard good things. But what are peoples opinions of the Regiment? are they good lads to work with?

    Thanks in advance
  11. Print this off and say it's your uncle/ grandad

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  12. Pink overalls.
    erm.... right, moving on.
  13. Castrol oil fireproof red overalls from the days when the Lancers did fun things, expeditions, car rallys ect
  14. PM me.
  15. You can join if possible, who you want. Say you have family connections or mates in it. PM me if you want any help