Queens Royal Hussars

Discussion in 'RAC' started by dundeeulster, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. Evening chaps was wondering if there would happen to be any serving officers in the Q.R.H, who could maybe drop me a PM if possible in regards to a couple of questions on the regiment etc.

    Many Thanks Scotty
  2. Hi Dundeeulster,

    Are you joining said regiment??

    I'm currently awaiting my dates for ADSC, when I pass this I will hopefully be joining the QRH....
  3. I am just about to do main board so I was just trying to get a feel of what life would be like in the Irish cavalry regiments as Ive really only experienced the infantry and artillery so far, but good luck and I hope everything goes well for you!

  4. The QRIH were a good bunch certainly, during the seventies as I remember and also had a few great characters.

    There are resources on the web for the QRH including regimental history with news.

  5. Look forward to the outcome......
  6. Yeah from what I hear they are quite a good bunch and the website is pretty slick.I just wanted to see what life was like however at the present, when i did my work experience with the army when I was 16 my section commander was QRIH and some of the things he said in regards to officers was maybe slightly off-putting so I'm really just on the trawl for opinions until I can sort a FAM visit.

  7. The Officers I remember from the seventies were a fairly decent bunch and some of them went on to "great things". The ranks were colourful and had some memorable people for all sorts of reasons. You'll find them on the web. QRIH Colours are in Windsor Castle now and I was sad to hear they'd been amalgamated into the QRH.

    Wish I hadn't lost my citation from QRIH which most good boys received on leaving.
  8. I have worked with the QRH several times over the last few years.

    I can say that without doubt they are one of the best (if not the best) Armoured Regiment about at the moment. Both their officers and NCOs tend to be charming, effective and generally of an extremely high calibre. They work together extremely well.

    If you are up to the mark and they offer you a place, then you could certainly do a lot worse than to join.
  9. Thanks for the reply B-C considering you have worked with them quite a bit you could probably answer one of my questions. From what you saw just how much of the Regiment is made up of Northern Irish/Irish soldiers,NCOs and officers?

    Also if there is anybody who is serving or has served with the Royal Dragoon Guards I would be quite interested to hear about the make up of that regiment as well.

    Thanks Scotty
  10. As I recall about 30% of their soldiers were from Northern Ireland with most of the remainder from the midlands. Sounds like an odd combination, but works very well.

    The officers, like with most RAC regiments, are from all over the place. No real pattern at all, other than inevitably attracting more than average numbers from northern (small n) Ireland, with many of the remainder (in common with many RAC officers) coming, originally, from London and the home counties.

    The RDG I know much less well (not many people I know, not in the regiment itself, claim to know them particularly well). For what they might be worth, these are my thoughts: known (rather unkindly) as the "Rarely Deployed Guards" on account of fewer than average tours in the last decade or so years (I have no reason to think this is any more than coincidence). In truth what little (credible and informed) chat I have heard about them has actually been pretty good.

    In truth although there are inevitable small differences in ethos between RAC regiments, the similarities far outweigh them (particularly so in terms of the Officers' Messes). I would argue that even the much talked about RTR/Cavalry divide is dramatically overstated. If you are considering joining one of the RAC regiments as an officer, I would suggest that if you feel you fit into one regiment (and that they feel that way too!), then you will probably equally fit in elsewhere in the RAC.

  11. Your a gent thanks very much

  12. I spent 18 years in the QRIH i never meet a finner bunch of lads.Some good piss ups and some hard times.leave that up to you???
  13. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    I have been in touch with a number of ex-officers of the 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars over the last couple of years. Gents to a man...one or two hard characters too...and all unfailingly helpful.

    Impressive regiment, who did well in the very savage fighting in Korea. In one January night, they lost 10 tanks and in one April morning, they lost another seven. Definitely in the thick of things.
  14. Jst interested in re-opening this thread again, as I too, was looking at the QRH. I have a bit of information on them, and every member of the regiment I've met has been spot on. I believe they currently have a shortage of officers from Northern Ireland at the moment though, but have been told that if I were to join as a Northern Irish man, I might get some abuse. Has this any truth in it?
  15. Nope