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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by GLIDER, May 8, 2011.

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  1. Does anybody know where to get a copy, electronic or preferably a paper copy of the latest (or at least less than 10 years old) QR's. Sick of hearing people being told off for smoking with head a dress on, having hands in pockets, walking on grass, wearing sunglasses when its too bright, and removing berets whilst cutting around camp if it was above a certain temperature. I've had a look on google, ARRSE and the Army website but can't seem to find anything, or very out of date links which don't work anymore.

    I would prefer to have my own copy as I feel it would be an interesting read (for a gobby Kingsman), so any links to where to get a copy would be much appreciated.

    Cheers in advance
  2. The majority (I think all) of complaints you mentioned arent in QRs, however if you are told to do/not do something, then it becomes an order which mean you do have to do it.
    They aren't that interesting.
  3. Your shop-steward should be able to let you have a copy
  4. Not a wah, I am genuinely interested to read them and find out the truth behind some of the points I've heard over my career from senior stabs and regs alike. Cheers for the link, sadsack over here has just ordered himself a copy and as bounty has just been paid, £35 is not a great loss.

    I didn't think they would be in QR's, it's just going to be nice to read up on some stuff and know that other people are wrong for once, and I am right. It's going to be more interesting than the other books in my collection!
  5. On intranet in library. Look on right for electronic library and follow links.
  6. It's on ArmyNet in the AEL. Knock yourself out. It's full of rules like "if a stripey wakes you up, you get ten seconds to punch him as you're technically asleep", and "if you commit a crime at midnight, you can get away with it as the Army only recognise 23.59 and 00.01 hrs" etc.

    Either that or you may be seriously disappointed. :)
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  7. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    It does say that you can be promoted whilst a POW which I thought was nice.
  8. I believe there's policy on sunglasses now-especially since they're an issued item.

    As for berets-it's uniform, so wear it. Simple. Smoking with your beret on-it's a respect thing and if you have cold hands, wear gloves.

    If you don't like the standards, piss off back to full time civvy street.
  9. Ha Ha. "Right we've got one minute to commit this crime ... ready? ... Go!"
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  10. Think most of the things you mentioned won't be in QRs. They'll be in other publications like local standing orders, dress regulations etc. QRs, in most cases, only refer to the aforementioned other regulations. Sunglasses, for example, used to come under local standing orders in Cyprus with "only personnel with a medical reason may wear sunglasses in uniform unless driving. Personnel with such a reason may be subject to medical downgrading if they are proved necessary." That one was always coming up.
    Hands in pockets may come under "correct military bearing" etc.
    Headdress when out of doors would be under dress regs and not QRs but QRs will state that these regulations must be obeyed. And so on. Still, as a Kingsman you can always start your own trade union if you disagree with them.
    (BTW, QRs are an extremely boring and hard going read with all the references to other publications and orders etc.)
  11. You forgot the RSMs pension for a 22 year tom.
  12. and that its illegal for 2 blokes to sit on a bed with their feet off the floor...


    that you can't be told to have a shave after 1200hrs
  13. And "they can't jail us all." :)
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  14. You can't walk on the grass in case you step on a worm or caterpillar, and that is technically murder.