Queens regulations 503 16(V) what it actually means.

TBH if you were hoofed from the Army as quick as you say, WTF are you doing on here? This is a serious military site designed for the exchange of useful information of a military nature and perusal of photographic images of vehicles of a military nature. It is not the sort of place for strangers to rip the p1ss out of each other, slang each other off or wipe their collective knobs on the RAF Regiment (Special Forces, my arrse), oh ........hang on a minute, I may have gone slightly awry there!
RAF Regiment?
You made that up...


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Tinned apple pudding, and apple flakes, just add water, yummy, with those small tins of compo cheese!
Anything meaty with curry powder of choice added, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Only thing I liked compo cheese on was bread that had been toasted over a kero heater or BV element rigged as a toaster.


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Surely this should be in the 'hole by now?



Can anyone clarify what this means on a discharge paper, Where there is no wrongdoing any criminal activity, no interview with the senior officer , just immediate discharge, with 1 hour notice.

I want to know who made this decision based on what evidence. can anyone help
Ok, it would have been easier if you had said at the outset that this was a discharge in 1975 and that it was under a paragraph of QR1961.

I assume this is about you, and not that you are asking "for a friend"? You obviously know more about this than any of us - but so far have been very sparing with the facts - eg this disclosure about the date and your photo of the papers feels like I wasted some time going through QR1975.

You want to know:
1. Who made the decision.
2. What evidence it was based on.

Since you might know where and for how long you had served prior to this event, what your disciplinary record was (not just criminal but service disciplinary record), whether you lodged an appeal at the time or made any protest, and the outcome of that, then you might be able to answer the question better than us? Or do you want to just try to make us guess?

First guess:
Who made the decision? Your Centurion.
What evidence was it based on? It was the Ides of March, and you did not march to the time he was calling. "Sinister Dexter Sinister Dexter etc"

Give us some useful information if you want useful answers.
Chicken curry in a tin

long after my service, her indoors has just said" I remember goulash, stewing steak, jam roly poly, spotted dick, stewed apple, tinned potatoes, apple pudding, chocolate sponge pudding" along with a tube of condensed milk, bog paper, and bars of questionable chocolate, with Arabic writing on, some said it was left over from the Suez crisis.
It was 1975 - a lifetime ago for some- however sometimes you need to put your life in Order, you never know whats waiting round the next corner.
44 years!!! Never mind advice from ARRSE I think you might really need therapy, if this has bugged you all this time and you are now itching to figure it out that some grudge to bear.

Have you been losing sleep over this and plotting your revenge for all of that time?

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