Queens Regs

Hi all does anyone know what the Queens Regs say about , transferees losing their rank to transfer ? And if they DO lose their rank then get it back does the first date they got it count or the date they got it back ?????
The date you get it back.
its in AGAIs.

It should also be on your transfer paperwork MTRP, rank etc.

But if you think of it a Cpl supplier would be useless as a Cpl Recy Mech so is such circumstances you would lose rank
Very much doubt it's a QR thing as you'd be transferring voluntarily, so you accept what's being offered. Depending on what capbadge/trade you want to transfer to, you need to think more long term. I know Sgts that reverted to Cpl in order to make the move but made up for it within a fairly short time.
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