Queens Regiment Reunion

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by diehard57, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. The Queen's Regiment Reunion Supper will be held at the Victory Services Club, 63-79 Seymour Street, London, W2 2HF (near Marble Arch) on Saturday 8 March 2008. The bar opens at 18.00 and supper (Fish and Chips or Chicken Curry and Rice) will be served at 19.45. Last year over 200 former Queensmen attended.

    Tickets are £12.50 and are available from the Regimental Secretary, RHQ PWRR, Howe Barracks, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 1JY. Tel: 01227 818857. Email rhq@123pwrr.co.uk

    Dress code - jacket, collar and tie. Returns required by 29 Feb 2008.

    Even if you are not able to attend - if you're not on the Queen's Regimental Association database - get in touch with Canterbury to receive the periodic newsletter 'Queensman'

    Any other ARRSE members rocking up?

    Unconquered I Serve

    (Mods- any chance of making this a sticky until 29 Feb?)
  2. I am intending to go along with some colleagues from the Farnham branch.

    Thanks for the info.

    (I'm Ex 6/7th B Coy then D Coy then A Coy from 1977-1999)
  3. Isn't Micheal J Donnelly one of yours?
    Please post pics of your reunion with him in them if
    a) He is one and the same,
    b) He shows his face.

    Alternatively, please disabuse me if I am wrong.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Having missed a couple, I'll be there - my cheque is in the Post :)
  5. Would that be the pukka 'B' Coy - 'B' (Albuhera) Company (the Middlesex Mafia) or the other 'B' Coy at Brighton? :wink:
  6. Shiney B from Edgware, mate - the real McCoy!

    Number 1 guard at Colours in 1981 etc.