Queens Regiment Minden 1991

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by thecampbellsarecoming, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Looking to see if any of the old Queens Regiment Drum Corps are on the board. Had a BBQ and Fitba match held at Elizabeth Brks Minden before they left to new formations back in 1991/92. Also travelled to the USA on tour when they were now under the PWRR back in 1993. Just looking to see if any of the lads are around.

    p.s. Steve Barden ( Drum Major )was a maniac :lol:


    Argylls ( 5 SCOTS )
  2. Was with the Queens LAD then, seem to remember a Scottish Dmr in the Queens, ginger hair, stood out like a sore thumb.

    Hats off to the Recruiting Sgt to pull that off!!
  3. I think i remember that lad in the Corp at that time. He lived in London and his ancestors served in the Queens regiment hence the reason he ended up there. Whats wrong with him being Scottish ?
  4. Im now almost fully Scottish mesel. Live in Wemyss Bay, married to one etc.Didn't alot of the A&SH join the REME as RD/RS?!
  5. Yes i think quite a few left the Argyll's for the REME for the RD/RS back in 1994 when based in Shorncliffe.