QUEENS OWN YEOMANRY in Osnabruck !!!!!!

QOY Came to Osnabruck for there camp , they have just handed over the CVR's back to us . The general reaction from us regs was that they are a top bunch . The vehicals were handed back in better condition than we gave them over to them . (we have been very busy) They appear to be a very good outfit . Just a few minor piss take points . They had an RDG major who loved the sound of his own voice shouting about lots of trivial stuff , and some officer who really was wearing red mole skin trousers , Chelsea boots , white and blue check shirt with a blazer in the rain , much to the amusement of everybody on the tank park . Please some body tell him that wearing that sort of attire will get him a whole host of abuse . Anyway hope they enjoyed the delights of BFG and bar the odd obese soldier the yeomanry looked and acted the part .
QOY Were great , much respect shame about there Fat LE major . Re next week i am away but loads of the boys will be there , regards recce
Recce good stuff, was glad to have met you even if it was briefly. Managed to invade your mess though for a BBQ ;).

A good time was had by all and I think both regiments gained a lot from it. Although scarily there were members of the QDG speaking welsh... flashbacks to boarding school...

RDG major... is our RQM I believe. Seems far better than the last one.
I concur my good man ant philip , also less 81mm mortars we can do there job as well as our own , and still look dapper .
I think a lovely GPMG and 30mm makes up for that. Sure to give someone a bad day. As for dapper, of course. One bin must be reserved for dining wear... ;)
Glad you agree that the wagons came back in better nick than when they went out. They should have been based on the amount of time I spent on my head in the turret, trying to get all the cr*p out. As for Mr Trousers, we'll have a word with his tailor.


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