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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by MadKev, Oct 15, 2011.

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  1. Any ex- or serving Silver Greyhounds care to enter a short e-dialogue by personal message? Just a few general questions, pseudonyms are fine.

    I have suggested this role to a friend who, on retiring at 51, fulfills all service and security criteria and is driving his wife insane. She asks for more information and is keen to get him out from underfoot.

    I am aware numbers have reduced, I assume with a view to nil in due course.
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  2. I was under the impression that the bag carriers were being wasted out. I hope I'm giving you duff gen, but.......
  3. No the FCO still has a number of Qm's that are used to move bags around the world, The recruting does not come up much though and with all things in the FCO money is crap.
  4. I once met one in the Officers only bar at 'Brize,' he was a ****.

    Me being in the Officers Only Bar at Brize, Priceless.
  5. They won't be phased out altogether as not everything that needs to be moved round the world can be done electronically, or be trusted to a non-Govt courier (like pre-issue passports). But there are fewer bags (actually, "bags" is a bit of a misnomer, they can be any size or shape) and QMs visit several locations on each trip, so can be away for longish periods (might be a benefit in this case!).

    No idea what they pay's like; would probably suit an admin freak who likes sitting round in airports; weird perk - they are the only people who hold British Diplomatic Passports (as in the real deal, not the endorsed "holder is..." that most FCO types have.
  6. QMs are still around and there are no plans to get rid of them in the foreseeable future, although their numbers have reduced. They're managed by FCO Services ('FCOS') which is a trading fund (ie a sort of seperate company) but very closely associated with the FCO. FCO pay FCOS for the QMs as well as other dip bag services, and I think some other nations use them (and pay for the service) as well. There are no QM vacancies on the FCOS website just now, but you can register on their website here (link) and they'll let you know when (if) any vacancies come up.

  7. As the O.P., my thanks to all contributors. He (and more probably, his wife) wouldn't mind the travel and delays, and I could quite see him kicking his heels on a round robin of various cities but enjoying it nonetheless. I've explained the FCO gave me only £10.50 a day as out-of-pocket expense in Manama, and salary wouldn't really be an issue for him.

    Coincidentally, I was there given the business card of a 'Don' - surely a more popular name than I thought, but I didn't want to cold call.

    I think this thread has ended now. Thanks again.