Queens Korea Medal - merchant navy?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Chinggis, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone know if the Queen’s Korea Medal/UN Korea Medal were ever issued to Merchant Navy seamen for service in support of British/UN forces during the Korean War? By that I mean carrying fuel, supplies and so on.
  2. I see no reason why not, particularly if the ship was taken up from trade. Does anyone know if the MN crews of the STUFT ships for the Falklands received South Atlantic medals?, I believe that they did.

    When I was in the Sinai with the MFO in 1986, the CO presented a former MN sailor with his WW2 medals.

    As the man turned 60 he was officially released from the rolls of the MN, at which point they noted that he had not received his war medals.

    Good drills on their part as they contacted CO without his knowledge and he was invited to the bar for a suprise presentation.
  3. Very probably, my uncle was a merchant seaman in the RFA and he got a campaign medal for Aden.
  4. I would have thought so. I knew a chap who had been a cabin boy on board a ship during WW2 he had got a chestful full of medals for every theatre of war that he had sailed into including the American ones. When he left the Navy a few years after the end of the War he still was not that old and was called up for his National Service. It then came around to one of those parades where you are requested to wear your medals so he got out his row upon row and caused quite stir, he was chased of to the guardroom were they thought he was taking the P and few days later after all checks had been carried out there were some very embrassed people in his camp.