Queens Jubilee Medal

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by diverre, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. Who qualifies for this? What years qualify?

  2. ... and police, fire, ambulance, approved rescue services: RNLI etc.
  3. Had a bloke in my old unit who enlisted in 2000, who appeared with a QGJ medal,

    Brl: why have you got that?
    Blokey: emergency services
    Brl: which one?
    Blokey: St Johns ambulance

    I put him right, he didnt produce it anymore!
  4. What about the rumour that as long as you were serving on 6 feb 2002 but hadn't completed 5 years full service that you can buy and wear the medal?

    Apparently . . . . . A bloke I knew stuck his medals for mounting at Innsworth and they came back with one on and was told there were some left and he was serving at the time so can now wear it?

    Sounds pish to me like.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    So if you have 6 years service (1989-1995), left, rejoined in 2000 and are still serving, would you qualify?

  6. "Qualifying criteria

    Awarded to personnel of the Regular, Reserve and Cadet forces who were in effective service on 6 February 2002, who had completed 5 full calendar years reckonable service and were properly enlisted on or before 7 February 1997."

    Based on what you wrote and the 'Qualifying Criteria' abve I would say yes.
  7. I seem to recall a couple of lads at my old unit (TA) who have been serving since the year dot, but, because they had not got their CO's Cert, and therefore not received their bounty for one or more of the years within that qualifying period they were told no medals for them.

    There must be a more comprehensive document somewhere which covers the full qualifying criteria.

  8. Exactly the same qualifying criteria for plod, and I assume for the Trumptons, amb service etc
  9. I think for TA/cadets there was the requirement to have qualified for bounty in the TA the previous year and with the cadets it was two weeks PTD - in other words, if you were on strength but not attending/doing your bit, you got feck all (and people have the nerve to say 'everyone got it and call it a The Mong Gong'!.... :roll:
  10. When i got mine (Police) i was told 5 years service was the requirement. A few ex forces lads were allowed to count their service towards it but only if they came straight into the Police from the Military.

    My mate had 4 years and 11 months service and didn't get one.
  11. Question is: If Liz popped her clogs now, would a King Charles III Coronation gong be struck?

    And will it be made of chocolate?
  12. All emergency services including mountain rescue and HM Prison service under the same criteria
  13. How freaking long have the Prison Service been Emergency Services? :roll: