Queens Jubilee Medal

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Outcast, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. I know a few people have posted on this subject before, was just looking through some of the posts and wanted to have a whinge about how inflexible the medal office is.

    Firstly, I Joined the army as a junior leader back in 1986 and after getting stiffed and bust from staffy in 2001 on a charge of self defence with excessive force, I decided to get out after 16 years regular service. I transferred onto the Reserve in Jan 2002 for a year but joined back up in Feb 2003. As one of the only seniors without the Jubilee medal, thought it was worth applying anyway as the rules stated you could get it if you were on the Reserve Service.

    Wrote to medal office and got a reply saying politely f@## off your not getting one as you were not serving on the 6 Feb 2002. Whilst I agree I wasn't, I was on Reserve list and could have deployed at a moments notice and I had way more than the five years qualifying service.

    I guess rules is rules and like many others I have to admit, its one less minature to buy and medal to polish but it is a bit galling when you see even cadet instructors qualify for it (No disrespect intended)

    On a lighter side, cant wait for first time in mess I'm picked up for not wearing it :)
  2. Oh how my heart pumps purple pi$$ for you!

    You'd feel a lot more hard done by if you had served through WW2 and all of Her Maj's reign and not got the silver jubilee medal!

    Perspective, moaning to$$er!
  3. Check the small print. A few years ago I had a similar problem with the VRSM, as I was in/out, back in again over the preceeding few years. In my case, the medal office had interpreted the words "serving on or after 1 April 1999" as "serving on 1 Apl 1999". I was serving after, but not on that date. I pointed out that they had read the rules wrongly, [in a caring way of course!!], and got my bit of tin.

    I often wonder how many others got stiffed because the nice people at the Medal Office couldn't read?
  4. Which part of

    didn't you understand?
  5. Just what is a charge of 'self defence with excessive force' anyway? Is it a posh way of saying 'beat the sh!t out of someone smaller then oneself'?
  6. You can have my jubilee medal if you like, it means absolutely nothing to me and it looks as though it came out of a christmas cracker.

    Are there any others that you aren't actually entitled to that you would like ? I may be able to help.
  7. Actually it was the bit after it said that I obviously picked up wrong which says:-

    A member of the Regular Reserves who is in military service on 6 February 2002 become eligible if their aggregated Regular and Voluntary service amounts to the 5 year qualification period

    I was in reserve Military service at that time.
  8. I have eight and size matters, so the wife says!!!!

    How many have you got

    Bluff till called to name them
  9. Something like that Facelikeapingpongball, but didn't beat the shit out of them, only hit them once, hence why I said I got fucked over.
  10. You forget young man that I know which ones you have..more importantly I know which ones you've earned!
  11. Ditto Poco old boy
  12. ps - Big night out on Thursday if your in the area Pocoyo
  13. Thanks for the offer but no thanks, I am not that bothered that I have not got it, happy with the ones I have.

    It was more the principle of it that was annoying after taking the time to write a nice letter to the medals office to be told to do one by a civvy who is interpreting the rules differently to me.
  14. Haven't you got one either?
  15. I have a spare!