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Queens Jubilee Medal

I spotted Harry sporting the Queens Jubilee Medal at his Parade today, why? His dad and Granddad did not have one so it cannot be because he is a relative. considering the hassle some had who were serving at the time to get one, why has he got it?
Because he is also a member of the Royal Household. It is not a military award.

HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and HRH The Prince of Wales both wear the Coronation, Silver Jubilee and Golden Jubilee medals.

HRH The Duke of York has the Silver and Golden Jubilee medals.
india-juliet said:
gizzardtoo said:
Anyone care to speculate as to why he can have one?
I sold one on Ebay when it was first issued. Got £80 for it, lots of beer money, well chuffed!!!
And damn fine it looks in my collection of belgian chocolates :) At least it shines up and is not made of super-cheap alloy or cardboard (like my 2 NATO and 3 UN gongs).
i can undertsand an Old soldier selling his medals to pay his Bills as his pension is not enough for his living costs, when we shoulkd be providing them a decent retirement.

to sell them for beer tokens is a bit naff

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