Queen's Jubilee Medal & Walts.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, May 3, 2012.

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  1. Probably been done already....But here goes:

    Letter I sent to our local newspaper last week:

    Here's one for Lawless, (a local columnist), to get his false teeth into.
    Apparently he and others of a similar ilk, (conscripts or volunteers who fought in Korea, Palestine, Canal Zone, Malaya, Aden, Kenya, Libya, Cyprus, Dhofar & other minor punch-ups of the dying empire); this does not include fisticuffs in Germany- Cold War), are to be ignored amongst the 450,000 medals to be issued by her Majesty during the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. Almost laughingly we see this award going to, ......PCSOs. You know.... the Plastic Cops who won't rescue anyone drowning because they might get their feet wet. Ambulance drivers, who actually do a good job.... and anyone else in uniform including PC's who nick you on a day to day basis, prison officers etc. etc.. They are all equated to VC & George Medal winners who will also receive this award along with serving members of the armed forces serving in shooting & dying wars. The mind boggles at the thought of all these psuedo heroes mincing along at rememberance parades with their five pence piece medals. God Save the Queen!!

    My latest letter on the same subject after the above was published in our local newspaper:

    I was wrong to describe this medal as a 'five pence piece' medal, my letter last week in The Visitor.
    E Bay is awash with hundreds of these medals for sale from £100 up to £200! It seems the recipients can't cash them in fast enough.
    A valued award then?
    So it would appear that alongside PCSOs and other legal recipients proudly wearing this award there will be hundreds of Walts, (In army terminology a Walt, or a Walter Mitty, is someone who wears awards or uniform to which they are not entitled to wear), .... 'nuff said!

    Any comments ....am I making a big deal out of this? Should I retire from public life? Should I shut-up?
  2. There is a delicious irony to this post.

    Something of so little importance that you think is worth your time to deliver your pointless and unlettered opinion to, but yet you can find the time to indirectly abuse me on a different thread, which is far more interesting?

    Are you a cadet instructor?
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  3. Lawless is a twat and deserves any rebuke he gets.
    I once had to reply to some crap he wrote about teenage reprobates or something, and pointed out that I used to hang about with his son, who was also a twat, and a teenage reprobate like the rest of us. And some other rubbish about remembrance Sunday parades.
    The twat.
  4. I can't wait for the Platinum Jubilee personally. Charlie boy will be narked tho'.
  5. Nope cant be a cadet instructor because they qualify, as long as they have qualified as effective service:

    Effective Service. Is defined as:

    (a) A minimum of 15 Training Days (TDs) per year (which can include
    days at annual camps); and or

    (b) Those who have attended for duty for a minimum of 144 hours per
    year and completed all such regular, periodic training and compulsory
    training required in a qualifying year; and or

    (c) Those who have attended for 40 accredited parade nights in a
    qualifying year.

    But also:

    (3) Those nominated must have the endorsement of their cadet unit
  6. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    according to the op premise that means i gotta give my blue peter and golliwog badges back doh .
  7. Yes, yes and yes.
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  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    The next time that you're in town why don't you pop into The Bodyshop and purchase a "Life". I gather that they're on special offer this week.
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  9. Errmmm .........I'll take that as a yes then?
  10. Haven't a clue to that which you are refering.....as to being a Cadet Instructor..no. It strikes me that you must be one of the educated idiots we often come across in the army...an officer perhaps?
  11. How can you walt with a QDJM? It has so little meaning.
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  12. Which is why they are in such huge demand on e bay. Go take a look. Several bids for medals. Who but Walt?
  13. Sadly Joe civvie will never know the difference (and frankly could not give a **** about it anyway), why otherwise would there be such a huge and well supported market in purchase tat medals?

    Ex-squaddies buy them ex-squaddies wear them, one or two walts who have never served may also get on the band wagon, but the market exists because ex-squaddies feed it.
  14. Sod it, I want one, think I'll buy two and make a menu holder out of them!
    Shaggy, in answer to your question - yes, you really should STFU, just buy the bloody medal FFS, wear it with pride.
    SirB. Wearing that Gollywog badge in public could get you arrested though Shaggy will be able to wear his illicit QDJM with impunity - strange days in the UK.
  15. What a little scrote you are. Any relation to a Liberal MP I know?