Queens jubilee medal mong question lol

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by rf992000, May 5, 2012.

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  1. I have completed my 5 years service in the army this year april 14th!
    Am i eligible? If not will i get any medal for 5 yrs? my no2s with just 1 medal(afghan) looks lame lol
    Right now on a 1 yr course and the fat civi clerks in this place are too lazy to help outsiders!
    Any info will be greatly appreciated
    Thnx guys
  2. Fuck off sprog. There is a search button. Use the fucking thing.
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  3. No need to be rude! Damn
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  4. For fucks sake. Why are you so concerned about getting a medal? Why the fuck would you get a medal for doing 5 years service? Do you think you are something special because you did 5 years? You think wearing No2s with one medal is lame and you think adding a QDJM will change that? Get out the army then.
  5. It wasn't me that was being a mong and 'lol'ing about the place like a chavvy fuckwit. Not only is rudeness expected in such circumstances, but positivly encouraged if not demanded.
  6. I couldnt find using search thats y i posted here
    If you know any info, pls shed some light thnx
    A mong junior
  7. No, is the short answer.
  8. The Wah is strong in this one...
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  9. Signaller here
    So will i get a normal jubilee medal for my 5 yrs service? thnx guys for the info
  10. Read the fucking threads, mong.
  11. Yea answer is NO for QDM
    But will i get normal jubilee medal?(no one answered that yet)
  12. I think its more of a case that the thickness/denseness/stupidity is strong in this one.
  13. Do you actually know what you are talking about?
  14. What on God's good Earth are you wittering on about?
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