Queens Jubilee medal entitlement?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by tommo16, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. A mate of mine ex Tankie has told me in unofficial terms that i may still be eligeble to claim the Queens Jubilee medal? I served 1993-1999 and again 2002-2003. I have 2 op tours Bosnia and N Ireland . He has told me that you had to be in service OR a Regular Reservist on February 2nd 2002???? You also have had to serve for 5 years and enlisted before 1997??? I unofficialy meet the criteria but before jumping the gun would like some advice please( Not slagging off either). I joined mpgs 2002*waste of time in november 2002- but prior to that was a regular reservist. I thank you.
  2. welcome to the wrong website for asking for that!
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  3. We love it, no problems mate. Got to have the banter!!
  4. I missed out on this medal. Shame one less medal to clean. Does raise the question as to why Prince Harry and William have the medal. Anyroad, information below might be of help to you.


    It is anticipated that some 366,000 Golden Jubilee medals will be issued, compared to the approximately 30,000 1977 Silver Jubilee medals.

    The Golden Jubilee 2002 medal will be issued to the following personnel:

    * All personnel who are in paid effective military service with the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force on 6 February 2002, who have completed 5 calendar years service and were enlisted on or before 7 February 1997.
    * All personnel who are in effective military service with the Volunteer Reserve Forces on 6 February 2002, completed five annual bounty earning training years and were enlisted on or before 7 February 1997. One of the bounty years must have been the year 2001-2002.
    * A member of the Regular Reserves who is in military service on 6 February 2002 become eligible if their aggregated Regular and Voluntary service amounts to the 5 year qualification period.
    * Any member of the Military Provost Guard Service whose MPGS paid service equates to the 5 year qualifying period.
    * Contracted Royal Fleet Auxiliary personnel in service on 6 February 2002 who have completed the 5 years qualifying period.
    * Cadet Officers and Cadet Adult Instructors with a total of 5 training years service, providing the service period includes 6 February 2002 and they are part of an established post. The person must have started on or before 7 February 1997 and the year 2001-2002 must be part of the service period.
    * A member of the 'front line' emergency services, accessed via the telephone number 999, who have completed a minimum of 5 years reckonable service on 6 February 2002. The emergency services include the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services, the Coastguard, Royal National Lifeboat Institution and Mountain Rescue services.

    The medal itself is cast in gilt-finished cupro-nickel.
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  5. And contains the finest blend of milk chocolate...
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  6. As has been posted several times before on the site, all members of the royal family got the medal (and the silver jubilee medal before it) if they were alive on the anniversary, regardless of wether they were 6 months or 60 years old.
  7. Yep, Must look really good next to the ACME Looney Tunes UN or Nato Medals. Especially when it rains and they expand like sponges. Winner!
  8. I know, I just like winging. I really am not all that interested in wither I have the medal or not, or for that matter if the royal family have it. I have just got the afternoon off and feel a B!@£H coming on. Just ignore me!
  9. For someone who whines about having to buy a stable belt, alleges that NATO medals are mickey mouse and then states that they have not been in long enough to have the QJM - and then has the temerity to say that we should ignore you.

    Well have no doubt - we will.

    Are you 1 LSR? I may know you.
  10. Sorry buddy, just as you last comment was, you are so wrong it’s unbelievable! I only wine cause people like you bitch like buggers. I am RLC, but not a Log Sp Regt. In fact, if the truth were known I am nothing to do with the RLC.
  11. How can you be in the RLC and simultaneously nothing to do with it? I take it then you are 6 or 1 AAC then.

    They will be glad to have you on board.
  12. So it looks like i am entitled to the golden nugget then? As i was a regular reservist still libale for call up which never did happen! So good old mod and this country never makes things public. No wonder many guys suffer whne they leave service nobody tells them owt! Looks like mate at work ex EOD still regular reservist can also claim it.
  13. I think "paid service" means that you would have had to be paid for it at the time.....

    Reg reserves don't get it, I believe, apart from if they were on paid duty!
  14. I have asked about it and can but try. Its not the best of medals, but they all count. But as i said before no one tells you anything. Things should be explained properly.Such is life !
  15. Oh for goodness sake! use your initiative , just get one off e-bay, we wont tell :lol: will we lads..... Seriously though if you want one apply and see what happens,