Queen's head (not) on stamps after sell-off?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tremaine, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. "No explicit guarantee" that the tradition of showing the monarch's head in profile would remain, if the Royal Mail is sold. Britain seems the only country in the world allowed to use the head of state’s symbol on its stamps, since the Penny Black of 1840, and other nations using an abbreviation of the country’s name. Guv's hoping to raise money through the sell-off. The Postal Services Bill to allow the sell-off, designed to raise up to £8 billion for the cash-strapped Government, is going through Parliament at the moment. It's only a stamp, but it's also an icon.

    BBC News - Ed Davey 'confident' on retaining Queen's head on stamp .The leading bidders in the sell-off are expected to be German and Dutch operators. The postal affairs minister says he is "extremely confident" the Queen's head would remain on postage stamps if the Royal Mail was sold to a foreign firm. Not that confident and not really sure, then?

    BBC News - Royal Mail is to be privatised, government confirms
  2. Wouldn't make any difference if there was a clause requiring it, give it another 5 years and there will be some edict or other from The European Super-state requiring us to use nothing other than the (rather second rate, tin-pot dictator-style) 'ring of stars'.
  3. Hard to believe that "sovereignty" or the Queen's head would be kept on our stamps if it were sold to foreign concerns. But hopeful of better "Royal mail" services and conditions, not least; decent complaints handling and customer care, as anyone who's had their Crimbo presents smashed by the Postie and then tried (in vain) to complain, might know.
  4. Another much fuss about nothing news headline. If a foreign company buys and runs what is now the Royal Mail, it will no longer be the Royal Mail. The Government will have put cash before sentimentality and flogged the crown jewels, so to speak.

    We are going from nationalisation to post privatisation internationalisation. Basically the UK government is saying that our country can't run a piss-up in a brewery so as well as France running our power supplies could Germany kindly run our postal service.

    We may end up with yellow post boxes with a post horn logo, but hey-ho, as long as the mail works, who cares?
  5. It'll never happen mark my words the government is more likely to close down the ROFs and then buy all our ammunition from any Tom, Dick and Harry tin-pot overseas manufacturer just 'cos they are cheaper rather that sell the Royal Mail to an overseas owner. In fact it's more likely we are going to have a white Christmas - mark my words
  6. I have to be careful here as our village has the official 'best postie' of the year working in it and the accolade is well earned, he's a star. But there are bigger issues at stake with the privatization of the RM (such as the prospects of better service to business and better infrastructure versus higher costs and indiffererent service) than whose mugshot gets to be on the stamps.
  7. We must be careful gents, our country is losing it's sovereignty at a rate of knots, just think back one hundred years, the staunch English man fierce with national pride. Then look back further to the greater empire days, hundreds of years of ferocious fighting for what we wanted. Now take another look at the past one hundred years, we've fucked our nation up in just one hundred years! I know it's a bloody stamp but if you recall, they said they are only here to help rebuild the country and be gone in ten years! Maybe the older amongst us will know what I'm on about.
  8. That would be the RM zapped by postcomm for "eight million" squids , missed all its 15 quality targets, and bumping up stamp prices (by 5 pence) again. Unusable complaints hotline (not surprising since complaints soared by the zillions, the operators have either committed hari kiri or gone bonkers, one presumes). No complaints possible through their website the last time I looked, and postmen/women can’t be bothered to walk up driveways. WE'll miss the old RM, but if you were Her Majesty would you wish to endorse this steaming pile of poo?


  9. And what was your view on Vodefone buying Mannesmann, Eircell and J-Phone?
    I don't really want the post office to be flogged but if it has to be who cares who buys it as long as they pay the most?
  10. So it's off with her head as well then!
  11. Your badly veiled racism reinforces what you have said previously. Remember that the "greater empire days" were celebrated in 1851 and it was a joke back then. It was relentlessly mocked by the media at the time as being irrelevant to your average British citizen. the pride of sovereignty you speak about doesn't exist outside the the Daily Express and never has.

    Personally, they could have a picture of the queen getting relentlessly gang banged by the entire Kenyan rugby team, as long as mail arrives on time. Actually, that would make a good stamp. We could do a whole series and have them framed and sold to Daily Express readers as a commemorative set. We could call it "Maj does Black magic".
  12. Despite me thinking he's written utter bollocks where exactly is the racism?
  13. "they said they are only here to help rebuild the country and be gone in ten years! Maybe the older amongst us will know what I'm on about."

    he's referring to immigration of commonwealth states immediately after ww2, when west indians were issued with british passports as an incentive to come to the UK for work and to quiet public dissent to the influx Clement Attlee, suggested that immigrants would want to return home. Interestingly, the majority of the dissent was from the Jamaican parliament who didn't want to lose their skilled workers.
  14. Racism? If it's there its lurking behind some of the crappest jingoism ever on arrse:
    The last time I was staunch with national pride I had to cross my legs. And it wasn't caused by my stamp collection either. Sorry Ma'am.