Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The's a photo in the paper of a Coldstreamer in the paper with a collections bucket.
    Non story IMHO because the RIR & IG have been doing this for ages,flogging wristbands ect.
    Opinions Chaps?

  2. I reckon you must trawl the papers daily to see what you can cut and paste onto ARRSE
  3. On the subject of begging has anyone seen that foreign walt beggar on the bridge at Southbank? Spanish I think, wearing some foreign camo jacket and DPM trousers with some foreign gongs hanging off him. I threw stones at him last time. Go home!
  4. Then why post it??? :roll: :roll: :roll:
  5. No, no..that's the chap who has a sign "Goose Green veteran"...Argentine I think.

  6. I wonder about next year when the Tories get in how these Right Wing papers are going to spin all these stories out?

    It'll be Queens Guards on PR exercise, collecting for charidee then!
  7. This has made me angry - what utter BALLS!

    The system pays for relatives to vist Selly Oak for those seriously wonded - it's called DILFOR - Dangerously Ill Fowarding of Relatives - all expenses paid for by the MoD.

    Funerals - at public expense, military version. However if you want 200 friends and family flown to Thailand for a ceremony on the beach, with Elton John singing Candle in the Wind, forget about it.

    Accomodation conversion - same - at public expense. Most units are converting some of their SLA.

    Shoppers outside Harrods may have been less generous if they were informed that their cash is probably going towards buying the latest IPOD for the boys.

    I have no problem with the Guards raising additional cash ( in additon to the CO's fund for example, again funded from the public purse), but if any of the Tom's rattling tins were stretching the truth, then they need to be gripped.

    In fact, if you hear of any "grieving relatives" asking for cash in order to visit wounded soldiers, ask them why they aren't receiving DILFOR from the system ....... you might just find that the wounded Tom doesn't want them anywhere near them !!!!
  8. Funerals of soldiers, whether they be non/full military, are paid for by the army. What further funeral costs, is the article referring to?
  9. What a load of bo$$ocks.

    They are probably raising monies for their Colonels fund, below is from the Scots Guards Colonels fund webpage:

  10. Funerals are paid for, but there are always additional expenses for which it would not be reasonable to charge the public purse. These include such things as flowers, orders of service, transport for relatives other than 'immediate family' and functions before / after the service. The money from this campaign, like the many others run by other regiments, will be used for this sort of thing and to provide additional support to families whilst the Bn is away (trips for the wives and kids etc.) and to contribute to some excellent AT / sports trips when we get back. Welfare and wounded cases arising from the tour will also receive help - there are always small (or larger) things for which it's helpful to have a fund of our own at the Commanding Officer's disposal.

    None of it, however, will be spent on 'ipods for the boys'. I've no idea how or where the Express got their latest piece of crap journalism, but it's a non-story. Perhaps it was poorly-expressed by a harassed Gdsm put on the spot - who knows? Nobody's going to be gripped and the public response has been extremely generous as, no doubt, other Bns doing something similar have found.

    The support from public funds and treatment of our wounded and the families of those killed has been excellent, but, as everyone knows, there are things that one cannot reasonably expect to be covered but that we want to take off the families anyway. Regiments have always done this and have always sought donations to do so.
  11. Not really interested in the politics, additional funds will always be required for the welfare of Soldiers and dependants which cannot be met from any other source. In some ways it is easier to make a donation direct rather than log onto a website or attend an event.

    Guardsmen were collecting in Euston Station last week; they looked smart and represented their Regiment and Division well.

    On reflection I should have taken the proffered wristband for Ms YM Jnr, I 'm sure there will be another opportunity.

  12. I think you are confusing him with VVAANNMMAANN.
  13. My bold - He been about for quite some time now. I noticed him about a year ago. I think he's East European and sits around with several others.

    Bet you didn't throw stones at him though. They're not easily found in that zone, unless you came prepared. That's not very nice is it?
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Only the Express,which I read daily.
    When I've finished reading it,I line Daisy's litter tray with it.I did try the Sun but she woul'nt sh1t on it...
  15. Frankly I would cut out the middle man and sh1t on the Express yourself.