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i am trying to trace people from the 7 sigs detachment of the 1995 royal signals public duties squadron, in particular,however anybody that was apart of it. you see, trying to get a reunion together 10 years on etc.this was something very unique for our corps, only the third time we as a corps have had the honour to do it. anyway just to re-cap the units involved were 7,16,2,249 and 30 who did tower bridge(QG Sigs (250)). lets see what sort of responce happens.hopefully not pissing in the wind.cheers all
I was NCO IC Marching Reliefs Buck House(the mighty 7th) i was easily the best and should have won best drill for the tour i also never used to practice my left and right turns in the shower you know the score Carpets.
this sounds great and im well up for it.
mooncat i presume . whats he best way to go about this? i suppose wait out for a while. i was thinking in terms of possibly rsa weekend or is that to wanky? or possibly book accom in chelsea bks it self on the official b/day of the corps to be nice and bullety.i dont no , see what happens......if ay body knows of any one that was apart of public duties squadron then give them a shout (1995)
Hi All--i mean both of you,
I was one of the 2 crap instructors (who were both from 7).

Bumped into one of the 7SR lads that had gone and got a pip on on his shoulder (cant remember his name tho)-in Bos a while back.

Ive got a complete list of everyone who took part if you need it. The problem is tracing people. And bods like me who are no longer in.

Dont suppose either of you have any photos of the great occasion??
(I dont mean the official misspelt prints).

I do have a vid of 7SR skipping down the Mall :oops: because the Corps Band cant play with real troops.

Bloody hell fellas! You must have some stunning tales of 'daring do' to tell your kids. Turnings at the halt and on the march - fantastic.
And I have a few tales to tell my grandkids about having to maintain their detatchments for them while they were tick-tocking around London playing wooden top. The pride of their contribution to Royal guarding was kind of lost on the likes of me who was scrubbing out some other cnuts battery boxes. Still, you lads were not as bad as the 7 Sigs rugby team for abandoning their dets for others to maintain (and get extras for when they got a-jobs).
It wasnt all woddentoping.
I had a great time pissing it up in London safe in the knowledge that my name wasnt on the RSIT report. :lol:

Then you will remember getting booed by the whole regiment when 7RHA beat you on Westpark. You guys were popular.

Nice work if you can get it, though. Me, I played rugby league, we did it all in our spare time and nobody hated us.
I thought it a public disgrace and was cheering heartily for the magnificent 7 that day (until I got filled in by the rest of the crowd). I am sorry you cried, was it the thought of Hickers beasting you the next day for not winning?
aaahh where do i start ...the rugby league team at the time only became ok ,because the regiment was full of union players unable and nowhere near good enough to make hickers' s first team squad. i too had a go at playing RL and did enjoy it , untill i was told to stop it ..but that is another story.
yeah your right we were hated by the jealous and resentful.Hey , but still , when i joined the army the acio had a picture of mr.akabussi on the window with the tagline along the lines of join the army, play sport-get payed etc..
cheers to the boys belonging to the cappy and crisp club keep greasing the earth spikes boys.....
Any how whatever became of hickers ?
catch my drift?

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