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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ghost_us, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. I'm not sure where to post this so it landed here.

    I was watching a few youtube videos of queens guard and noticed that there is a substantial amount of postings about guards slipping and falling.

    Is there a reason for this? Several videos look like something that would happen walking on ice but it doesn't appear to be any.

    I figure someone here has had to have been posted and have an answer. I'm just curious.

    Also, how long are the shifts? I think the American old guard do 8 hour shifts, pretty much standard guard shifts, is it the same?
  2. Assuming this is not a wah....

    Metal studs on the soles of the boots, I'm told...especially on cobbles etc - have been known to be removed (or at least not replaced if they "fall" off..)
  3. It is because they are pi$$ed after a heavy night on HMQ's brandy. They turn up whenever they want and do a couple of turns then bugger off again before it gets too late to hit the pub. :D

    Or on a more serious note,

    Summer 24 hour duty, winter 48 hours.
    Stag lasts 2 hours on either single or double sentry when HMQ has decided to stay in, for a change.
    As for the slipping, metal and concrete aren't very compatable and the occassional slip occurs.

    Hope this helps :p
  4. it slippy on the flag stones, and then the studs on the boots make it even more so

    its the worst job in the whole of the army i hated every minute of it.
  5. No, not a wah. Just curious american that doesn't know all that much about it.
  6. No worries, matey, just have to be careful round here :D
  7. Johnboyzzz

    How do you know you never dun um (Only kidding mate)

  8. Kinda like this guy?


    Good drills on his part.

    I did that once, but not on guard, running back to barracks after chow during osut.
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Worse ever for sliding. From Edinburgh Castle Esplanade down to Holyrood House in studded boots. A real test of balance! 8O
  10. Tried not to but for some reason they kept picking me :x

    Got caught a few times chatting the night away at the ToL, more privs :x

    Never got caught snogging with a police woman at the back of BP though :dance:
  11. I knew a guy who was HC. He said when they were on stag at Horseguards at night they the time they used to nip along the roof to the Admiralty to chat up the WRENS who were on comms duty. (Yes, this was a long time ago). I seem to remember he also said that Horseguards also had a bar they could use?
  12. Just to clarify for our American friends:
    During World War 2 the standard British Army boot was the 'Ammunition boot' - ankle height hard leather with thick leather metal-studded soles. They also had steel 'horseshoes' on the heels and steel toe plates to prevent wear. My Father wore them in 1953 when he finished his National Service. Rubber soled boots were generally only issued to 'special' troops even at that time.
    Today the Guards Regiments are issued Ammo Boots for ceremonial purposes. A friend of mine passed out from Harrogate Army Foundation College in 2007 (Household Cavalry, part of the Guards or more properly 'Household Division') and was issued Ammo Boots for the ceremony. I believe non-Guards regt troops paraded in standard Army issue boots.
    Due to the steel studs and heels the Ammo Boot is extremely slippery on most hard surfaces, especially wet cobble stones, but they sound magnificent when a well drilled group ie Guards march and drill in them. See Youtube for Trooping of the Colour.
    As for the Guardsman throwing up outside Windsor Castle, top bloke for carrying on without missing a pace. He probably had a massive hangover from a few too many the night before but still paraded for duty and suffered the consequences. As for 'stance' or military bearing - a bit round-shouldered I thought. But who am I to criticise? Never served the Queen myself, just have huge respect for those that do or have.
  13. Oldbaldy, Know what you mean mate,
    Did that run in leather soled shoes with quartertips carrying a lot of kit many times after the Edinburgh Military Tattoo 1977.
    I was in a youth band that did 2 weeks there and the Army coaches picked us up at the bottom of the hill. Then back to Craigiehall for egg and chips in the mess!
  14. Thanks for the explanation, makes perfect sense. I imagine cobblestones worn by centuries of walking can't help in the process.
  15. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Worst thing was the rehersal! The band was The Cameronians (that dates me a bit) & the base drummer stepped off at a high rate of knots, chaos! Our RSM, (The Frog, for those who go back that far) had an almighty fit & his was red enough at the best of times. :D