Queens Guard has enough of p*ss Taking

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taffnp, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. Should have just bayoneted the chopsy little fucker.
  2. Seconded. They woudn't like it if we went there and mocked them whilst they were chucking goats off church towers.
  3. another alien looking for an arse kicking. dumb shit. i hope the guardsman not identified. The way things are the bolivian will want compensation and probably get it.
  4. Done already
  5. Good to see the Mirror's keeping up its "Squaddies Friend" persona. The last line: "Know the Guardsman? Call 0800cuntyfuckers or email fuckingcunts.co.uk to betray the poor bastard so we can make money off it"
  6. Wonder if the assclown would of dared mock the presidential gaurd in his own country? He'd be spending the rest of his life subsisting on moldy bread and water if he survived I'd imagine. Always been impressed by the discipline of the troopies walking that post... they always have to put up with so much nonsense from the public. At the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington we have uniformed police officers posted nearby to keep trouble makers from interfering with the gaurds... although such miscreant quickly learn that the Old Gaurd does not screw around if they choose to bypass the barrier.
  7. No biscuits or coffee at his subsequent interview?
    And just wait for the tourist to file for damages,hurt feelings,whiplash,child support,invalidity benefit etc etc.
  8. "Guardsman McThug, Sir!"

    "Ah McThug. This is of course a serious matter...Well done. Admonished. March out!"
  9. It just sums up the UK any other country would jail and deport the foreign chappy. Also while in jail he could be taught some good old english traditions. PC is just another word for soft as sh*t.
  10. So he's not really in trouble then? I thought he would have been in line for the bollocking of a lifetime for breeching that self-discipline the Guards are supposed to be famous for in the face of provocation...
  11. I would have done the same, if not worse. Concider what he's doing, and the job that we do, why should some low life foreign civvy make him look like a cnut in his own country on a royal duty.
  12. No doubt that Spanish chap was being a tool. The Scots Guards came back from Afghanistan fairly recently as well I think. So I doubt he would have been in a particularly good mood for that kind of nonsense, but considering the efforts I've seen them go when I've been in places like London and Windsor castle to see them put a face of stone on in the face of people doing their best to get a reaction, I'd have thought not reacting to other people acting up in front of them was something they took tremendous pride in, and others in the regiment would not be very happy with him undermining that reputation.
    I can certainly understand why he did it, but then, I'm not a guardsman...
  13. You just know that the MoD will go over the top, the Guardsman in question will get right royally fcuked over, sign off as a result and yet another (probably) promising career down the pan.

    Some might say i'm pessimistic, No i'm just realistic.