Queens Golden Jubilee anonymous letter concerning

I wonder who the author might be ?

"Dear KK BB DD

I was reading your latest essay on a thread about Police warnings an MP and a disgruntled constituent.

Although I am concealing my identity I can tell you that I am no stranger to Special Branch and Analysis of Intelligence.

It happens that just after yawning over your latest story I decided to perambulate in contemplation about my lounge. When I had a Eureka moment. That bloke who had an apple drop on his head in case you don't know. Gravity of a situation.

And luckily I caught one of my memento police service mugs as it fell from my display pelmet.

Her Majestys Golden Jubilee celebrations (God Bless Her) 2002.

Ullo ullo ullo I thought quicks as a flash. That private military cadet group you bump on about (mates of Shortt ?) had been scheduled to meet the Queen as part of the Jubilee events. And there was Kent Police who had told Margate Charter Trustees only a couple of years earlier that Special Branch were investigating the private military cadet group. I bet you are thinking that Kent Special Branch did a p-ss poor job then as the group survived to be listed to meet our Sovereign Lady the Queen in 2002.

Not only survived but Kent Police abused harassment law to try to stop warnings being sent to other authority.

Then in 2003 when PSNI called for report Kent Police tried using harassment warnings to stop PSNI getting a report ?

I do recall that the woman Superintendent you mention getting a bollocking off a Judge. She was presented with a Thanet Citizen of the Year Award at a venue (A Church) that was under Charity Commission investigation for the misappropriation of large amounts of dosh. How was the Supt to know about charity commission inquiry she was only a senior Kent police officer.

As it happens I was aware that certain spookie people were watching the congregation and I overheard them mention a codename for their target "Nazi Nick". I don't know whether that was anything to do with a private military cadet group the real Army cadets called "Hitler Youth"

Would you know if them spookie people called the Queens Equerry and suggested a change of youth guest list for the glorious celebrations ? And do you think they had the clout to get our glorious County Council of Kent to cancel private cadet group youth affiliation status a year later ?

Given that another of the cadet leaders with a false REME Record had been a Reliance security guard Deal Barracks 1989 I wonder what the Queens Equerry made of it all.

I am beginning to think that someone was second guessing Kent Police. I thought they were very rude too laughing out loud at that iffy church function at which the esteemed Supt graciously received a citizen of the year award. I forget who it was who makes the awards and have never seen what that could possibly have to do with Proceeds of Crime Act anyway.

Thank goodness just like the Jubilee celebrations my mug remains safe. I do hope you don't think Kent Special Branch failed to blocker the group that should never have reached the guest list. I was told the cadets did meet the Queen but there was some muscular fellas about exactly matching the description of those men guffawing at the church citizen award function. Can't work it all out.


Who the hell writes a letter like that any ideas ?
I suspect somebody on arrse , but well done, regarding the question

" Who the hell writes a letter like that any ideas" ?

This is the first thing I've seen you right that actually made sense.


Probably someone taking a leaf out of your writing book or copying the style you use when posting bollox on arrse.
" Who the hell writes a letter like that any ideas" ?
Is it a literary version of 'Who lives in a house like this?'
I hope they use Bragg as the host rather than Grossman, would lend some gravitas to the show.
I think I'll get out of bed now.

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Who ever wrote it isn't very bright. Archimedes had the 'Eureka moment' not Sir Isaac Newton.
Was this written in "Crayne" in some colouring book?
For Christ's sake.........
Presumably, that'll be one of them "jokes" Trig
I doubt it given that the dictionary definition of a joke is "something said or done to provoke laughter; especially : a brief oral narrative with a climactic humorous twist"!

This OP definitely doesn't qualify!
And I escaped, I didn't get a mention once!!

Get in there!!
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