"Queen's Fury At Snub To War Heroes"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Myss, Jan 20, 2005.

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  1. If this has been mentioned already - feel free to ignore. I would be interested in the source of this piece. If its true - it was a long time coming, I hope this is just an attack because of the press on PH's nazi uniform agro. TB's failing's started long before the deployment.

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  2. Welldone m'aam

    It's about time that someone of her standing shed some light on the disgusting treatment of the wounded war heroes by the current government :x

    I think there is huge potential for the royals to score a real blow to the government, by actually visiting the wounded to show their solidarity with the armed forces. This would show Bliar in his true light!
  3. only hoon has made a visit which is more than Bliar did
  4. Hoon's risible letter in today's Times demonstrates his complete lack of understanding of the people who make up HM Forces, the job they do and the circumstances in which they do it.

    Still, if it means less people will vote for Neue Arbeit, let's hope the whole shower stay away.
  5. Do we have a link to Buff's letter if not can somebody give us the jist.
  6. Essentially, TCH claimed that the government's aim was to provide the best medical care possible, whilst giving the wounded peace and quiet. He went on to say that some of injuries were from RTAs and causes other than hostile action - presumably he thinks these hurt less or something.

    See the other thread regarding the lack of Ministerial visits for details of how Lord Bach, Neue Arbeit's Defence Minister, tried to fob off more wuestions on this yesterday.
  7. http://www.army.mod.uk/royalsignals/news/

    I wonder how much it would cheer them up to have politicians (plus the inevitable cameras and press pack) carrying out the duty visit? I'm not sure this isn't better left as family business, including colonels in chief, rather than encouraging those who don't display the discretion or sensitivity of the senior members of the royal family.
  8. Fully support you on this one Donny. It is good to see they are doing well and the Family of the Royal Signals doing its bit.

    http://www.dmsd.mod.uk/ :D
  9. Of course this is better left to 'family', but not all patients are as well supported as those in the R Sigs article, for a variety of reasons.

    The issue of ministerial visits is not that a succession of Bliar's lickspittles and the meeja should drool over patients, but that they should take an interest, so that they may at least gain a better understanding of what happens when they send soldiers off to do their bidding. One advantage of visits is that it gives hospital personnel an opportunity to point out difficulties, such as MoD's attempts to cut the funding for welfare services, or the state of the accommodation for relatives of listed patients, or the lack of facilities for relatives with small children and so on. Patients are usually given the option of being visited in these circumstances - it's not compulsory. Long after the newsworthy patients have gone, military patients will still be treated there, whether for cancer or whatever.

    It is entirely possible for visits to be made without fuss, as demonstrated by the Princess Royal, though whether Neue Arbeit are capable of doing anything without direct benefit to themselves is in doubt.
  10. Yes, and Well Done HRH TPA for raising it with her mother, according to that newspaper story. Not terribly surprised, if true. :wink:

    The redoubtable mrs hackle's reaction when I quoted this to her, and I take no personal responsibility for this at all, was that "If HMTQ was on her way to the hospital, Mr Blair would be overtaking her on rollerskates".
  11. VB, I don't think we are disagreeing: Had the politicos done as you suggest (and I agree they should have taken an interest), and visited through a genuine interest in the welfare of those who have been injured, rather than seeking a bit of cheap publicity, then that would have been all well and good. But since that didn't happen, I think it's too late for them to go now without adding insult to injury. By all means criticise them for their failures, but for God's sake lets not inflict them and the press hacks on the guys in Selly Oak.
  12. Hopefully the Army brass visited ?
  13. Quite understand why visits by major politicos would now cause more grief, but the constituency MPs of the injured ought to visit - irrespective of their stance on the conflict, or of the cause of the injury.

    If nothing else it would give the MP an insight into the plight of the solidiery affected by their decisions.

    Would these visits be a problem?.
  14. It looks like it, from the article.

    I wouldn't have thought so, but the guys to ask are the ones on the ward.