Queens flight gone. Enter Miliband Flight

OK News of the Screws and may boil down to a contract with Netjets or similar but utter stupidity to be even seen doing this in the current political & economic climate.

"We can reveal the minister has ordered his minions to find him a luxury Gulfstream or Learjet plane to be on standby to whisk him away on official trips abroad at a moment's notice.

"Each trip could cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of pounds when Miliband could simply take a scheduled flight instead.

His boss Gordon Brown SCRAPPED the Queen's Royal Flight in March to SAVE MONEY, but Miliband is going for his own royal-style jet despite the country's nosedive into recession and debt. "

Last night the Foreign Office confirmed that a contract for the 24/7 hire of a private jet went out for tender in early February and will last for two years.

It also includes a demand for a BACK-UP GRAVY PLANE to be kept ready. "

The tenders says the FO is "looking for a company to provide a first class service, which can provide an aircraft sometimes within a few hours notice. Be flexible to any last minute changes, and reliable to be able to provide good quality aircraft for overseas visits by the Foreign Secretary".

Nothing new here, I remember (in a distant fog) just after The Royal Flight was scrapped, that "Blair Force One" was dripped into the public arena. No-one bothered then and to be honest, as it stands at the moment, all we will get from the tabloids is the bit by bit tearing apart of the current government. The Sun will win it for the Tory Party and 5 years down the line, that same(ish) stories will appear about them. No wonder i drink.
Hope you weren't expecting surprise? With this bunch of self-adulating tozzers I'd expect nothing else.
excuse me miiliband is not the ******* sas or a brain surgeon nobody expects him to ride to the rescue.
so why the 24/7 aviability bollocks

fair does if he needs to fly to out of the way places at odd hours but thats not really true is it?


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This is very old Hat, 3 years ago Blairs cohortes where looking round the private aviation sector for a Blair Force one A/C. Because Blair would not travel with Brown and the Royal flt was a taxi service for all sorts of govt hangers on.A few were offered no contracts where signed. This Govt have ruined 32Sqn. ( Royal Sqn)
Blair now spends most of his time on a Freinds G5 and the Govt Charter more A/C than you would beleive, it,s only taxpayes money.
The Royal Family rarely use 32sqn Bae 125,s to small for Airmiles,s Golf clubs assorted girlfreinds and a PO.
The Bae146 flt they have is over 25 years old and is very High maintanance.
I actually think there is a very good case for the Royals, senior officers, Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary etc to have a modest aircraft fleet, say 3 or 4 Global Express (same as the Sentinel). We are not some second rate nation for fcuks sake.

That said, the thought of the current holders of these great offices of state swanning around in a private jet just brings to mind images of wanton greed and arrogance
I was often required to charter aircraft when working as a civilian for a US oil company. Sometimes with a lead time of just 90 minutes. Not a problem to find and air charter companies doubtless more keen for business now than they were then.
So, why need for one exclusively on stand-by 24/7?
Will he claim the 'plane as some sort of 3rd home that he has to have allowances for?
Just form up a diplomatic "flight" of the RAF with some nice new aircraft.... job jobbed.
Just show Microband how to use a bloody VTC.
There is no real reason for any member of either the Royal Family or member of the Government to fly anywhere , especially not at short notice in a private jet .
If so called asylum seekers can get half way round the world in the back of a lorry what is wrong with this lot of parasites doing the same thing ???
The last thing we need to be doing is making it easier for that utter hoon to embarrass the UK overseas.

We should be looking at restricting travel for these maniacs,not encouraging them.

Give him a bus pass and a flask of tea and tell him to work within his means.
OldTimer said:
There is no real reason for any member of either the Royal Family or member of the Government to fly anywhere , especially not at short notice in a private jet .
If so called asylum seekers can get half way round the world in the back of a lorry what is wrong with this lot of parasites doing the same thing ???
...well despite not being ecstatic about the idea of the Foreign Minister having his own jet (why the hell would he need to go abroad eh?) I think I'd prefer it if my Government didn't cause further embarrassment to the country by traveling around in a lorry - even if it could house a small delegation room in the cargo hold.
I think we should divorce the 'rank' from the 'man'

The rank deserves a mode of transport as befits the high office. The Foreign Secretary for example, should not have to arrive via Easyjet or even BA. It is one of the high offices of state and the UK is a nation of standing.

I can see that the banana wilding idiot might detract from the position but he is still the Foreign Secretary and should command the respect and priviledge of that office, through gritted teeth or not
Yokel said:
If only we had better politicians...
It does seem to be a case of saving cash by disbanding The Queens flight.

Compare the running costs of RAF controlled aircraft ready to fly 24/7, to a private company who need to bid for a contract then stay in budget without having to avoid asking for more cash to buy spare parts, pilots with flight time and key point where they are based. I take these two planes will be sitting at RAF Northolt.
The Queen's Flight was disbanded in 1995. As I remember, Brown wasn't PM, and Milliband was three years out of University.

32 (The Royal) Squadron hasn't disbanded, either; the Royal/VIP (Venal, Insincere Politican) Role was part of its function, and the unit is increasingly tasked with supporting Herrick and Telic, and has part of its fleet in theatre now.

Blair Force One emerged from the Gershon review, rather than as a direct initiative, and certainly not one by Brown; it was also meant to be a larger aircraft (something like an A320) and a smaller airframe (Gulfstream or similar). The larger aircraft was dropped from the plan late last year for financial reasons, with only the Gulfstream-type to appear as a result of a private deal; this fell through in March. It was announced in a ministerial statement (two, in fact) that 32(TR) is to continue in the royal/VIP role until 1 Apr 10.

Whether or not the FCO jet has fallen victim to these cutbacks, or whether Milliband has gone UDI - although the Treasury will have something to say about that if he has - (could the story have emerged to discredit Milliband just as people start whispering about a possible leadership contest against the PM??) isn't clear, but the part of the story about the Queen's Flight [sic] being disbanded by Brown is utter horlicks.
Miliband is so unimportant and insignificant that a seat on any scheduled aircraft is more than appropriate (Ryan or Easy preferably).

'Bliar Force One' eh? A 'Loyal Yacht' for Brown maybe?

FFS Darling, veto this contemptible proposal immediately. Nothing Miliband does has any urgency, except his resignation of course!

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