Queens documentary

Was there, or was there not, a TV documentary covering life in the Queen's Regiment - replete with a rousing rendition of Soldiers of the Queen? 1970s early 80s? Surely? :?

Or am I totally tonto?

Please say it's on U-Toob...
There was a series called 'In The Highest Tradition' which in one episode focussed on the Sobraon Sergeant of 1 QUEEN'S. It showed Sgt. B*B F****r collecting the Regimental Colour from the Officers Mess and parading it through the Battalion (I think they were at Bulford at the time) to be lodged in the Sgts. Mess. He also gave an account of the actions of Sgt. Bernard McCabe of the 31st Foot (later the East Surrey's), if it wasn't this and there was something else, I would be interested in seeing it as well.
TY DH. I don't recall your scenes but I do vaguely recollect a scene in the Sgt's Mess where Soldiers of the Queen was sung. Googling has little response.
Bumpety bump.

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