Queens Div cuts

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Sweeters2004, Jun 12, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    Any truth in the rumours that I have been hearing regarding one of the 2nd battalions of either Fusiliers, Anglians or PWRR getting the chop with the restructuring of the Army?

    If so, would we still have a TRB in Cyprus post 2015 and would the 2 remaining battalions continue to rotate on a 2 yearly basis?

  2. It's inevitable "some" Units will be affected by the Futureforce 2020 restructuring, it's being debated in other sections of Arrse as we speak, specifically in IC.

    Engineers, CSS, and other sectors are also not Untouchable, sad state of the times due to the fact Government seek to rebalance the Regs/TA structure.
  3. Great. I will have a look at that section of ARRSE.

    Nothing to see here people.
  4. 2 PWRR have had their next tour cancelled - i expect their for the chop !
  5. Expect a 3 Bn "Queen's Fusiliers" formed from the PWRR and RRF, if they don't exercise the "Queen's Division Regiment" option?
  6. They were on about at least one of the TRB Battalions getting binned when I left Cyprus in 09.
  7. In today's Torygraph - I suspect a Governmental leak to get us all ready and soften us up for the news on Thursday.

    Battalions with foreign bias face axe in Army cuts - Telegraph

    I have it on reasonable authority that the PWRR & the RRF have been trying to volunteer to form a large regiment a la Rifles, they have had little or no help from the Angle-irons who we don't think have really understood the implications of a united front. I'm further told that at one stage Cam-moron has said no to the idea as his stated aim is to not lose any cap-badges. I can't see how that will be 1. helpful or 2. achieveable if any of the rumours in the paper today are true. I would rather he just left alone to sort our selves out having been given our arcs.

    Having said all that - the very fact that Nick Carter is the architect of the New Model Army is a worrying prospect. An ex-Slack Jacket - don't trust 'em an inch - he'll have a whole wardrobe of hidden agendas. Those of us who watched with horror the lying and duplicity that the Army Board exercised when they smashed the Hampshires up the Queen's Regiment's arse without so much as a how-do-you-do, will remember the feeling of being rudderless in a hostile sea at this sort of time. The dearly beloved General Mike Reynolds was treated in a most appalling manner by the likes of Inge and in the end he was ordered to shut up. I will try and find a copy of the letter General Mike wrote to the Board and post it, technology allowing, as well as the letter he wrote to us expressing his feelings.

    But at the end of the day, we, the common licentious soldiery will make whatever we are presented or left with work, because that is our way. Look at the PWRR for example - a dreadful clusterfuck to start with and now without peer or rival in Her Majesty's ORBAT: what a bloody shame, if not a tragedy, it's all about to happen again.
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  8. While it ill be hard for those involved I think it makes sense to get rid of battalions who can't maintain manning without large numbers of over seas recruits before those who don't rely as heavily on them.

    I also see the sense in regiments coming together and forming large regiments.
  9. What you mean like R Anglian, RRF and PWRR?
    It didn't do us much good last time.
    Yesterday's large regiments are today's small ones.
    Or doesn't MOD spin look that far ahead?

  10. I wouldn't call having 2 Bns as being a large regiment. Plenty of other people have said on these forums, but the Infantry need to go the way of The Rifles
  11. Tunnel vision as I said.
    R Anglian had seven battalions when we were formed.
  12. I have to say the worst day of my military service was the day that they announced the end of the Queens Regiment and that we were to amalgamate wthh the Royal Hamsters a truly sad time for all.

    I truly feel for the troops that are about to have the axe of amalgamation/disbandment fall upon their shoulders.
    All those who sit in parliament should hand their heads in shame at what they are doing to the forces like Fuc& will they though we are nothing but second class citizen's to them little toy solders to be played with when needed and put in a box in a cupboard when not.
    Increase the TA they say yeh right I am sure joe blogs is going to sprint to the recruiting centre to sigh up after seeing how the troops have been shafted on ops.
    How many fully manned TA infantry Battalions have we got at the moment?
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  13. When are they going to actually announce whats happening ?
  14. Tuesday or Thursday one of the two any way
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The R Hamps being forced onto the Queens was indeed a sad day - the R Hamps had nothing going for them whatsoever, but all water under the bridge now.

    It's a shame though that the really under-recruited Regiment, the Scots, won't get cut as far as it deserves, as its recruiting levels are dire. But, politics and all that...