Queen's Div Closer Ties

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by IdleAdjt, Feb 25, 2005.

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  1. Have seen some stuff for the last QD meeting and it was proposing some Div commonality. Whats the feeling round the houses?

    I think that Div beret, offrs jumpers, etc are fine but we have to be careful how far we go. I think the other two Regts are a good bunch but would like to keep our own Regt ethos. We could be in danger of becoming a QD Regt. Or is that just far sighted and preping us for the next round of cuts in 10 years?
  2. Hmm, believe this is being driven by a somewhat biased boss of the Div. Personally, I cannot see any reason as to why there should be any further integration. All of Bns in the Div have had enough of their antecedency rolled out of them.

    But this is probably only a step towards the Corps of infantry which draws ever closer.

    And for the record, i also believe that the other 2 regiments are fine fellows!
  3. Think you are right there Idleadjt, I can't see it being too long until we are the Royal Queens Fusillers or The Princess of Wales Anglian Fusillers or other such amalgamation nonsense. Also don't forget the Gib Reg that comes under the same bracket!

    and I would also like to add at this stage that the other two regiments are jolly decent chaps.
  4. ugly

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  5. The problem will be fitting Queen and Royal and Princess of Wales into the same title...

    But given that (a) for all intents and purposes, Diana has been expunged from the Royal family history, and (b) Charles will soon have a successor as missus, dropping PoW will be easy

    Of course there is already a precedent for amalgamating the Queens and the RRF... the Queen's Fusiliers :idea:
  6. Are you referring to a tv programme? In which case is was King's!
  7. This is very true, it was the kings fusillers but if you keep your eye out in a spotterish type of way you will notice that the DZ flashes are similar to a QD reg and also the recruiting posters in the background on various episodes are from different QD regiments.

    Assuming that Charles takes the thrown, CPB his woman, that means that William takes the Prince of Wales title. Get the lad hitched and there we have a Princess of Wales. However, Royal Queens Fusillers works for me
  8. The Queen's Royal Wales Regiment of Princess Fusilliers
  9. Maybe I'm getting my lineage wrong, but ISTR that (one of) the fore-runners of the TA's London Regiment were 8th battalion Queens Fusiliers?
  10. Opinion from the top is that it is only by adopting procedures akin to Large/Large that the Div will avoid pruning next time round.

    Officers & soldiers may currently believe FIS has affected them less than Scots Div, Prince of Wales Div etc, but current plan for the Div sees changes like most other divs anticipate.

  11. Royal Fusiliers (7th of Foot) not Queens Cyberbloke.
  12. Quite right:
    1988 8th (Volunteer) Battalion, The Queen's Fusiliers (City of London)
    formed with HQ at St John's Hill, Clapham, belonging to both The Queen's Regiment and The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, and taking precedence after 6th/7th (V) Bn, The Queen's Regiment
  13. Thanks DS... though I was going mad :?
  14. No, not the King's Fusiliers - In real life there was the 8th Queen's Fusiliers(V) in London for a short while in the early '90s, it was an amalgam of the London elements of the QUEENS & RRF TA . In turn this became The London Regiment when the Jocks and Micks joined in in 1994(?)