Queens Christmas message

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by asmallbrownduck, Dec 7, 2006.

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  1. Khadija Ravat has been signed by channel 4 to give a Christmas Day message, to go out at 3pm, the same time as The Queen will be heard. She will also be wearing a veil to cover her face.


    Can someone enlighten me, why would a Muslim feel the need to make a speech during a Christian festival?

    And for those of you who keep saying “I need a better (non Daily Mail or whatever link)” F*ck Off and find them yourself.

  2. It's simple - all the channels are competing for ratings. From reading the link I think this was driven more by CH4 than by the individual or the wider Muslim Community.

    Still doesn't make it right though and CH4 would probably respond to a "public outcry"; but as they say: "any publicity is good publicity".
  3. didn't they get the osbornes to do it a few years back?
  4. At the risk of getting an ASBO from some tree hugging leftie I am angered that we allow a veiled Muslim to broadcast on Christmas day in a veil. Would a Christian in Saudi be allowed to do the same ?

    Saudi relies on western technology to defend the Kingdom and yet christianity is banned.

    It is unfortunate that C4 feels the need to inflame the situation and have a ninja nun try to play cheap media tricks against HM the Queen. I know my pedigree and as a decorated chap it saddens me that the media undermines our folk overseas. I am proud to be British, am not keen on the EU and care for our chaps overseas on Ops. Perhaps C4 could show the grit and determination of our military rather than go for a cheap, shallow mindgame with a puppet.
  5. No, so isn't it wonderful that we live in a country where we allow people such rights? Or would you prefer that all non-christians be removed from our tv screens on that most sacred of days? I'm amazed you'll be watching TV at all as it may detract from your time of worship and christian celebration with your fellow church-goers.

    Now, here's your ASBO.

    On a related note, I think this is inflammatory and childish on the part of channel 4, but I will watch it at some point as, as with some things I initially disagree with, I may later find what she says to be true, or, as is more likely, I may find it to be utter bollocks. But at least I can say I watched the very thing I'm supposed to form an opinion about and didn't just knee-jerk my way through any ensuing debate.
  6. Isn't this the same topic as was discussed on the 'veiled christmas message' thread. Why does anyone feel the need to discuss it again. (That wasa rhetorical question by the way)
  7. :? :? May I please ask?

    Who is doing the christian speech during the muslim festival???? Graham Norton?


    :?: :?: :?: :?:
  8. Ladies, Gentlemen, there are good, nay very good reasons why some women should cover their faces. I could suggest a few more that could come into that category and this should be enacted this very day.

    However, it is not often that I confess to anything but I would share this with you; When I was in a little station in London, I was on more 'allowances' than pay; as a result I ate in fine but very spicey restaurants over the Capital. There was a catch. The following day caused the natural reactions normally associated with Gales and the like. On a tube back to Sloane Square, I was with six ladies who were 'burqa'd up' and regrettably, had something to share with them and did. As I glanced back in sheer embarrassment (we were alone), three had pulled down their veils and were wafting their hands vigorously in front of their faces. To save further embarrassment, I left the tube faster than I joined and hard targetted thro the assembled throng. I did see why some people felt the need to cover their faces mind so it was worth the embarrassment.
  9. It doesn't bother me, they could broadcast thirty mins. of white noise (or indeed in the interests of diversity, black noise) if they choose. I like all Christian Britons of good standing and sound mine will be listening to my head of state, to whom I swore allegiance at 17 & 1/2 years old.

    Oh, after having been to mass at midnight and family eucharist in the morning too. Because Christmas is not just about getting slashed up, gourmandising your backside off and punching that annoying uncle. It is about some bloke called Ged...oh sorry that should read God...

    Yo-ho jingleberry!
  10. Leaving aside the entire 'Christmas has lost its meaning' debate', being of an agnostic and disestablishmentist position, I don't conciously celebrate the Christian aspects of Christmas.

    However, I do listen to the Queen's Speech at Christmas as I also listen to HM's Speech opening Parliament. I reason that the Christmas Speech is not directly a Christinan event, it is an address to the nation by the head of state.

    Therefore, the fact that a veiled woman appearing 'in competition' with Her Majesty is muslim is neither here nor there. It just means that people have another choice of what to watch whilst uncorking the wine. If I were C4, I'd put a family comedy on, would probably win ratings...
  11. Sven's point also crossed my mind.

    How about we and as many others we can encourage make a point of not watching it? Channel 4 may learn a valuable lesson in "Britishness" from their loss of advertising revenue.
  12. Given that the latest ' polls' in England show that " Mohammed " is the 24th most used name for boys in the UK [ and moves up to 5th place if you count the ' variants' ] then one must assume that a significant portion of the population would be interested in a Muslim greeting on TV especially as it [ Dec. 25 ] is only 5 days before the important Islamic festival of [Eid] al Adha..

    or it could all just be cr&p..
  13. I want Cherie Blair to do it if this bird is pulling out, and dont let her take the bugger off. I dont wish to see her again with her scary clowns mouth
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Oh deary me. Knees are jerking on this one no error.

    As a non Christian the birth of Jesus dont mean a lot to me. Christmas is about peace, love and understanding (yes, I am channeling Yoko Ono here, and if anyone has a prob with that you may see me in the car park).

    So it might be interesting to hear what Muslim Bird has to say on the subject? Maybe for once give some air time to a Muslim who isnt foaming at the mouth or carrying a RPG?

    I'll watch her Maj on the web, in the shade of a plam tree, but I might just watch Muslim Bird as well. Better her than the silly Archbishop who suggested Beckham as a role model for Fathers Day?