Queen's Birthday Honours 2017

A local man now has an OAM (Order of Australia Medal). He is a Vietnam veteran and was awarded it for services to veterans and their families in my hometown.
I've always felt that the Sally Army was always overlooked in the medal dept. I remember well the abuse suffered at the hands of lager louts as we traipsed from smoke filled pub to smoke filled pub on a saturday night, delivering that much loved publication The War Cry.Asking for a small donation seemed to incense the buggers even more ,often driving some of our less battle hardened volunteers to tears. So a little more recognition if you please:cry:
Never diss the Sally Army. Some of those fearsome ladies in the bonnets are nails, look like they know God personally and will have a word in his shell like about you if you don't buy a War Cry. Besides which one of my grandmothers was in the Sally Army and I know all about the good work they do.
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