Queens Birthday Honours 2007

Just found on the MOD internet:


Lieutenant Colonel David Francis MINDEN MBE Royal Army Medical Corps


Captain Derek Norman EARL TD Royal Army Medical Corps Territorial Army

Lance Corporal Alysia Joy HAWORTH Royal Army Medical Corps

Major Philip Charles MORTON TD Royal Army Medical Corps Territorial Army

And an ARRC for the light blue:

Squadron Leader Susan Joy OAKLEY Princess Mary’s Royal Air Force Nursing Service

Full list: http://www.mod.uk/DefenceInternet/D...hdayHonoursForServiceAndCivilianPersonnel.htm

Well done all.
As always the TA are better represented than the Regs, its about time our Regular AMS commanders started writing up the troops, the regs who get these awards are usually those who are attached to non-medic units and are therefore written up by non-RAMC officers.
The Regular AMS has a case of the 'I havent got one so I'm not writing anyone else up for one' syndrome.

Well done to those who did get the awards though.
Well put FF! Its the same every year!! See it happen time and time again. No other Corps are as bad. The C of c needs to take a long hard look at this matter. SNCo's and WO's seem to be particularily disadvantaged, citations leave the UAO and then vapourise!!!! :(
I did a bloody good write up for a CMT (V) Cpl from 256 when I was attached to them on Telic, had it counter signed by an officer (scrub nurse) and handed it to the units OC Nursing (a TA Lt Col).
Over a year later I met the Cpl at a conference and nobody at his unit had mentioned that I had written anything, then his OC, who hadnt deployed, contacted me about it, she said that no-one had said anything to her and there was nothing on his file about it.
Not a single person from that unit or its attached personnel received any awards or commendations for what was a very busy deployment.
A TA anaesthetist did receive the Order of St John some time later though.
Of course there is the operational honours lists that appear a couple of times a year. Interesting to see what will appear on the next ones considering the pace of operations. Traditionally the birthday and new years lists tend to be the orders and arrcs. Pity that there are not more of our number represented in these for their peacetime efforts, many of which often result in better care in the field. Looking at the above posts, however, I should not be surprised by the sparse representation of the AMS on this years list.
a few doctors will get MBEs, written up by the CO of whatever Infantry/armoured unit they were attached to.
Probably a couple of back slapping 'good job old boy' QCVS for COs of Med units.
AMS is a very poor branch at getting honours. FF 256 CO on telic got an Honour but no one else did and yes it was a bloody hard deployment. One doc got an honour but he was attached dto the Black Watch so they wrote him up. Same deployment "Op Banner" no one got anything.
He got the honour for Telic 1 but it took until 2004/5 for it to be actioned.
Operational awards were written up for our boys and girls in both Telic and Herrick last year (And got through the filter boards). Only problem is that when things start getting hairy for AMS/DMS personnel and they have the opportunity to shine, its often worse for people on the ground and they are quite rightly getting their share of awards.

Point to make about the Hospital in Herrick last year is that the only people written up by the OC were fellow QARANC personnel...

Jobs for the boys?
How many of these were Feemasons?

Are the two connected?
Head of the masons is the Duke of kent who is Prince Phillip's brother.

Dont just blame Units for the poor show on the Honours and Awards front.

Even if Sqn Comds write someone up, it has to get past the CO (many dont like that sort of thing) as a lot of them see it as 'just doing the job you're trained to do'- so lots end up in file 13 there. Then as recommendations go further up the Chain of Command, more end up in file 13.

If a Unit recommends 20 pers, you'll be lucky if two or three get considered by the higher echalons of power, let alone awarded.

From the sqn I worked with in a recent trip to Telic, out of 10 recommends over a 6 month deployment - one person got a MiD, and another received a GOC Commendation.
I wonder how much politics has to do with it too. It may look bad, for example, if a person were to receive an award for an outstanding contribution somewhere on ops but that contribution was only required due to planning cock ups. Thus it is required for one person to work like stink with the alternative being a break down of provision and the obvious effects on the troops we serve.

Simple solution: embarassing citation? File 13.
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