Queens Belfast UOTC

Hi, new to the forum and interested in going to the OTC at queens then later go on to either the RAF or army as a pilot although I'm starting to get really inclined towards the army as the variability sounds more interesting.

Wondering if anyone can tell me of any info they would have, recruiting methods and how many are recruited each year. Where they have been as travel seems to sounds the most appealing aspect. So overall any knowledge you have please share.

Come up any time this Wed, we are having an open day and there will be stands plus lots of Ocdts around to asnswer your questions.

There is also free food on offer and a disco.

If you need any more info, pm me and I can help you out.

It is the best thing you can do while at Uni!
You can also play with some CVR(T) and meet the
North Irish Horse version of the QOY.
I went to QUBOTC - it was brilliant. It was quite some time ago but I am sure it is still pretty similar. We had a recruiting weekend and really it was only the weirdos and lame that did not get through. I also got to travel loads - it really is what you make of it!

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