Queen - Why the backlash?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Skunkmiester, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Listening to Radio 6 this week both Shaun Keaveny and Marc Riley have played one of Queen's many songs.
    Only to receive quite a strong backlash from some listeners, which makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with these people.

    Queen are one of the best rock bands that these isles have produced, with terrific anthems and possibly the greatest showman ever.

    Most Radio 6 listeners seem to have a hardon for The Smith and Morrisey who I quite frankly despise, however I can still listen to their songs now and then and I'll happily admit that 'How Soon is Now' is a great song. I bet it is these same fools that moan when Queen is played.

    Radio 6 is still the best station but it makes me laugh that they bang on about an eclectic choice of music....which isn't mirrored by some of it's listeners.
  2. What songs were played?

    "Fat bottomed girls" is always good for a back lash.

    Its my fave track too.
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  3. dont stop me now, cos i am having a good time!!!
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  4. Bunch of poofs, you want some real songs.

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  5. Don't worry yourself.

    Nothing really matters, nothing really matters at all.
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  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Radio 6 listeners are all just Radio Gaga
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  7. Mine too. Wouldn't mind all the twenty cent coins back that were shovelled into the Juke Box at Roches Hotel to hear this song in around '81 '82- at a guess.

    Then twenty years later it was dollar coins at my snooker club to watch the outstanding video as well!

    My radio station still plays it with much love, along with the other Queen classics. Brilliant musicians!
  8. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Never much liked Queen's stuff but agree that Freddie was an awesome voice and stage presence. Never realised how much so until they did the tribute album after he died; no-one else came close.

    Morrissey will always be a whinging twat.
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  9. Matter of taste, or PC lunacy. Queen are still relevant and always will be, there's also that long running show in the West End, We Will Rock You Tickets - Dominion Theatre | BoxOffice.co.uk . Record sales in excess of 150 million since the release of their first album Queen in 1973 and 21 albums, all certified gold or platinum in virtually every country.
  10. I suppose you think this is punny?
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  11. Death on Two Legs was quite nice actually... :?

  12. First gig I ever went to; Doncaster Gaumont, 1977 and still rates in my top 10 live acts I've seen.
  13. Ray Charles is where it's at for me right now. And a bit of Henry Mancini (Sammy the cat. Pink Panther theme)

    And Planet Rock by Afrika Bambattaa. Followed by the Danse Macabre by Saint Saens.

    Apart from that recent little ditty from the Stereophonics, Caro Emerald and Madness, today's music is of **** all interest to me.
  14. Wot, no Edmundo Ross?

    I'd ignore who ever it was that first complained about Queen. He's probably just a poor boy from a poor family.
  15. I wouldn't bother, it's utter shite. Every person I know who went says the same thing.

    Apparently people were walking out in their dozens when it opened in Belfast.