Queen to visit Dublin this year (possibly)


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Well, do bear in mind that Adams's sole 'qualification' is barman*, so his command and understanding of the English language is naturally at the level of a pothouse.

*I suppose 'terrorist godfather' might also suffice.....and apologies to all decent barmen out there
Don't mind that tosser Adams...

Over the past number of years I have been spending a lot of time in Ireland and I can tell you that the vast majority of Irish are only too happy to have HRH over for a few days. They also are dismayed and a little peeved that they may soon have to put up with Adams more often on their TV screens if he gains a seat in Co Louth later this month in the Irish elections. People for the most part can not stand the c*nt any more then we can.

Should be an interesting visit all the same, and the final symbolic normalisation in relations of two sovereign nations that were once part of the same kingdom.

Hope the Duke refrains from keeping his mouth in check! Any bets on what he may say to put his foot in it? Potato famine perhaps... and blame the Irish at the time being fussy eaters?!

The word is that the visit will be for 3 days and confined to Dublin for security reasons. Should be an interesting operation for our security boys, not to mention the Garda and I am guessing the Army Ranger Wing who I am told do a lot of close protection of visiting VIP's. Quite what she will find to do for 3 daysconfined to Dublin is anyone's guess!

Lets hope the minority bigots who came out to play for the 'Love Ulster' parade are kept back in their pounds and are dealt with swiftly if they decided to act the maggot.

Anyone know what the Irish do on the ceremonial side on state visits?
Well, do bear in mind that Adams's sole 'qualification' is barman*, so his command and understandig of the English language is naturally at the level of a pothouse.

*I suppose 'terrorist godfather' might also suffice.....
He is also well qualified as a British Army tout,along with his mate McGuinness.


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Maybe she can fit in the racing at Leopardstown and one of the All-Irelands at Croker.....
Well we all know she is a massive fan of the horses so Leopardstown why not!

I know her daughter has popped into McKee Barracks to visit the Irish Army equestrian school... so would not be surprising to see that happen. McKee was also built by us in the day and handed over to the Old IRA or Free State Army when we pulled out. Fine buildings they are too.

I'd also say if they deem it 'safe' enough to leave Dublin they should fly her to the Irish Nationl Stud in Kildare. She would love that. Been there years ago, fantastic set up.

Or perhaps she should just do what every other tourist does when they go to Dublin. Guinness storehouse followed by a night on the piss in Temple Bar! Now that would do wonders to endear her to Irish hearts!


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Better still, she could always stick her head around the door of Peter's in Mercer St.
I don't think the irish gov would allow anyone to even think about harming her, could you imagine the shitstorm


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Whats this all about then...?
Peter's Pub Mercer Street, just around the corner from the Gaeity (? spalling) theatre. Great little pub.
Security to make history too - National News, Frontpage - Independent.ie

By Niamh Horan and Don Lavery

Sunday March 06 2011

THE biggest security operation in the history of the State is to be launched for the historic visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Ireland in May.

Security chiefs from both the Republic and the UK will meet in the coming days to plan a major operation to protect Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and their entourage.

An Garda Siochana is expected to cancel all leave during the two-day trip, the first state visit to the Republic by a British monarch.

The Metropolitan Police from London will provide a royal-protection squad and will travel with the monarch at all times. Garda special units, including the Emergency Response Unit, will provide close protection, while the Army Ranger Wing and snipers will be deployed for close protection of residences where she will stay, most likely Farmleigh House.

It is believed that the Queen will land at Baldonnel airbase, while a no-fly zone will be in effect over Farmleigh House and the airbase will be patrolled by armed Air Corps PC-9 planes.

A cavalcade is expected to move the royal party from place to place as the Queen is said to dislike helicopters.

A number of sources said earlier this month the Queen would make a "major" speech in Dublin Castle.

British Ambassador Julian King said: "The invitation symbolises how far the relationship between the two countries has come and the progress that has been made in Northern Ireland."

It has also emerged that Pope Benedict could visit Ireland in September and a visit by President Obama is due later in the year.

PC-9's...? WTF!

Will be surprised if she does not get a chopper from Baldonnel to Farmleigh.

So the Queen in May, followed by the Pope in Sept and Obama later in the year... and there I was thinking the country was finainacially screwed!

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