Queen to honour regiments fallen

Thank You,Ma'am.

(I fecking hope Broon & co stay the f*ck away! :evil: )


The Queen is to present the Elizabeth Cross to relatives of six soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq later.

She will give out the medals to the families of the six members of The Queen's Royal Lancers, at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire.

It will be the first time the Queen, who is the regiment's colonel-in-chief, has personally presented the honour that bears her name.

The Elizabeth Cross recognises the loss of a member of the armed forces.

It is awarded to the next of kin of personnel killed on active service, or as a result of terrorism.

The soldiers whose families will receive the honour are: Trooper Robert Pearson, 22, from Grimsby; Sgt Wayne Rees, 36, from Nottingham; Cpl Ben Leaning, 24, from Scunthorpe; Trooper Kristen Turton, 27, from Grimsby; Cpl Stephen Allbutt, 35, from Stoke-on-Trent; Trooper David Clarke, 19, from Littleworth in Staffordshire.

Trooper Pearson was killed by a mine in Helmand province in southern Afghanistan in April 2008.

The other five deaths all occurred during operations in Iraq, including Sgt Rees's death in a road accident during a dawn patrol in January 2007.

In April that year, Cpl Leaning and Trooper Turton were killed when their Scimitar fighting vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb while they were on patrol in Maysan province.

Cpl Allbutt and Trooper Clarke were killed in March 2003 during the first week of the Iraq war in a "friendly fire" incident when their Challenger 2 tank was hit by another tank.

The introduction of the Elizabeth Cross is the first time the name of a reigning monarch has been given to a new award since the George Cross was instituted in 1940.

It is available to families of servicemen and women who died in conflicts dating back to 1948.

Karen Upton, the widow of Nottingham soldier warrant officer Sean Upton, who was killed in Afghanistan on 27 July, was presented with the first Elizabeth Cross at his funeral last month.
Thats very nice of Her Majesty.

Blair and Brown couldn't be arsed to even turn up at one funeral of the men and women that they sent to their deaths in two needless wars. Now if they went to a funeral I am guessing they would rightly be moved on. As you say, I hope Brown stays away.
spike7451 said:
Thank You,Ma'am.

(I fecking hope Broon & co stay the f*ck away! :evil: )
God yes, I doubt that anyone would want him turning up. The Queen on the other hand I imagine, is almost certainly going to get a good reception. She does dignity pretty damn well.
spike7451 said:
Wonder if The Greek will provide the entertainment...?
Well, if Brown or Ainsworthless turn up, we could find out how sharp Phil's sword is?
There was a lot of upset about this as only members of the OCA who had paid £10 where invited, all members who had not been informed about the regiments functions since amalgamation had no idea about what was going on and not even asked to pay the £10, its a bit of a cock up. I most certainly would have paid but was not asked even though I wrote to the OCA some months ago

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