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The once dreaded sight of a German Panzer tank at the gates of Buckingham Palace will remind us of what could have been were it not for the determination and bravery of an entire generation.

A German Panzer III tank from the Bovington Tank Museum arrives for a photo shoot at Buckingham Palace [Picture: Harland Quarrington]
The tank, the second major piece of equipment in the WWII 'Living Museum' being constructed in St James's Park, arrived at Buckingham Palace on 23 June 2005 for a photo shoot to promote the temporary museum.

The Panzer III tank, supplied by the Tank Museum, in Bovington, Dorset, was built in 1942 and issued to the 8th Panzer Regiment, part of the 15th Panzer Division. The division was sent to the Desert war in North Africa. The Museum's vehicle was captured by British forces at the battle of Alam Halfa, Egypt in September 1942.

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