Queen Mother memorial

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldTimer, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. Buckingham Palace has announced there is to be a £2 million memorial to the Queen Mother , now I wonder who is going to have to pay for it??
    Anyone want to bet the Windsors won't be dipping into their pockets??
  2. I'll bet they will and I have no objection to a few of my coffers going towards it either. Better than some armless and legless, up the duff doris in the name of 'Art'.
  3. It sounds like a great idea.
  4. This memorial gets my vote - and my taxes will be spent on something worthwhile for a change.
    Great idea.
  5. I read earlier that it will be paid for by public subscription, so your taxes will be safe and sound anyway.
  6. OK JBM, thanks. Where do I get a collection tin?
  7. About time too. damn fine idea as long as the idiots who did Diana,s memorial aint involved. Look at what a cockup that turned out to be.
  8. Nothing wrong in having a suitable memorial for the Queen Mum. Happy to put hand in pocket if the Winsors won't!

    Auld-Yin just gets a little exicited because he went to school with the old girl!
  9. Posts and responses removed again.

    Bugsy , we've had discussions before about behaviour and posts.

    The last time we spoke , after an invective filled post directed at me,because I removed your last attempt to create dramas , I told you that a repeat occurence would severly limit your ability to post here.


    I am now going to remove your posts again. Another blatant attempt at trying to get something going will result in your removal.

    No one is telling you you cannot express criticism. What you are trying to do , is get a bite and a row going. If you want to do that , try posting your opinion in the Naafi bar.

  10. I know the guy's post was in bad taste, but surely he's allowed to criticise a Royal, even if she's now "an ex-Royal" (thank you John Cleese)?
  11. He is allowed to criticise a Royal. Other people have , and will continue to do so.

    There is a difference between expressing 'criticism' , and the manner in which Bugsy makes a blatant attempt at a bite and provocation.

    This is not the Naafi bar.
  12. i know the Diana fountain was poorly planned , however i visited it the day after the ARRSE christmas crawl, i thought it quite nice, not something i would have designed but all the teething troubles seemed to have been sorted out and plenty of happy children playing, i would be happy to take my kids here .
  13. As long as Mr Huntley isnt duty life guard 8O
  14. Well said Flash.
    Everyone is entiteled to their own opinion.
    The British public showed how they felt when HM the Queen Mother passed on.
    A well loved and respected Lady.
    Waste the tw@t with extreame predudice.