Queen may be scrapped from UK passports

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. in full

  2. The torrent of scum walking free due to percieved 'infringements of their Human Rights' is enough to remind me of our membership of the EU, thank you.
  3. Long live the queen!
  4. God save the Queen.

  5. This move would certainly bring the passport into line with the culture in place at our national airports, which to any incoming traveller resemble nothing less than Middle Eastern/Asian hubs. Maybe the Customs, Immigration and other agencies operating these places can't find any native English people to man them; have they all emigrated?
  6. A diabolical idea. An utter disgrace. This doesn't just cross the line, it's well out of sight!

    If this is what EU ministers come up with then they clearly have too much time on their hands.
  7. How can any patriotic Brit be in favour of the EU? seriously.


    F'kin EU!!
  8. Do these people deliberately try to cause unrest? What could removing a symbol of our great nation from a passport possibly achieve?
  9. What's happened to the country I loved so much?
  10. It left about twenty years ago. It just forgot to turn the lights out.... :x
  11. i think they do and i would hope that this is just a over promoted cleark somewhere spouting nonsense.
  12. Fcuk the EU, bunch of money grabbing tosspots, Keep the Coat of Arms, I am British and Scottish first and foremost, not European. We fought against those mainland Europeans enough over the past Hundred Years
  13. look at the euros still haave state insignia.
  14. Ive just had a look at my passport and she's not in mine anyway, all its got is a hansome looking bloke in the back.

    Sorry thats a photo of me :D my mistake.